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Toinette Hodges
Pocket Reading Device Printer Friendly Version
My son is in fifth grade. He is dyslexic. It takes him at least 3 times longer to read materials than other children his age. He usually does not comprehend what he reads. However, he is very smart. If someone reads to him, he understands very well and is able to answer any question asked him about the material. I have to read everything to him in the afternoons and evenings to prepare him to go to school the next day and be able to pass. He is very self conscious and hates to be made fun of for his lack of reading skills. When the teacher has to read to him in front of the class, he gets very embarrassed. Many times he gets bad grades because he does not want to ask questions or get help from the teacher because of his embarrassment.
The invention I would like to see become a reality is as follows: A hand-held, portable, small machine that a person can scan reading material with, one line at a time. The machine will have a computer chip that will read the information and repeat the information in audible sound to the reader. This sound should be able to come to the reader through an earplug. This device needs to be small and inconspicuous. I am thinking it would look like a pocket tape recorder with earplugs and another cord with a small reading attachment that would be used to scan with. Or possibly, instead of a second cord, the scanner would be built into the pocket sized device and the entire device would be passed over the reading material to scan it. My son could use this device from now on. He could read the newspaper, directions on packages, books, etc. It would open up a whole new world for him and help him to be the successful adult that I know he can become. Will someone creative please help me make this a reality!!

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Student Desk 2003 Printer Friendly Version
This is a new and improved students desk. The desk will be standard student desk but with a couple extra features. The desk will contain a labtop computer built into it. The labtop will serve as all the students paper. When he/she is to hand in an assignment, they will place it into the correct folder on the computer hardrive. The teacher will have acess to all the files so he/she can correct them. This will help us cut down on the amount of paper we use. An opional feature that the school can put into these desks for students with good grades will be to put a television set into the desk. It will be removable so that they principal can take it away. The television will serve as a learning device for whatever subject the student is learning at that time and a reward for good behavior in class.

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Tracy Exnowski
My Medical Files Printer Friendly Version
Going to a variety of Dr's is normal for most people - people who move around alot or just can't in to see their Doctor. I am suggesting a Dr's Data Base! Your information from ANY Doctor you have seen would be recorded on this central data base that would, of course, be protected. Dr's would enter into it directly and every drug or diagnosis and blood test you have would be entered. This would allow the Dr's to see what previous Diagnosis you have had and perhaps you have a PRE-CONDITION that may actually be preventable - the Dr would know about it regardless of which Dr you go to. Also, for elderly people or those who are not up on what the Dr last told them - now becomes available to help this Doctor diagnose properly. Also those that doctor hop to get several Rx's will be caught. Statistics can be taken for research purposes. Only thing - we might have to send the Dr's back to school to learn to type but can anyone read their handwriting anyways - gee we are curing alot of things with this idea. Vote HOT IDEA for this one.
Reward: Improved Health for everyone 

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