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Grocery Store Deli Counter Convenience Printer Friendly Version
One of my biggest complaints about going to the grocery store for my weekly purchase of food & necessities, is the total inconvenience of going to the deli counter to get cold cuts, cheese, etc, for sandwiches. Luckily, I usually go with my wife and she can contiue shopping while I sit there for what seems hours waiting to get service behind a sea of people! The solution: Simple offer shoppers the convenience of a small piece of paper in which to "write" their order on it. Leave the order with a "designated order-filler" and continue with shopping. After your shopping adventure is over, simply return to the deli counter to pick up your order and move on. This would save time, and greatly improve shoppers attitudes toward the deli counter inconveniences that everyone has to put up with.

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Revolutionary headphones Printer Friendly Version
One of the biggest drawbacks of headphones is that they block oxygen supply to the ears. Hence when you use them more than a few hours a day you start getting ear related problems. So my idea is a head phone that won't give you any problems, even if you use them for 8 hours+ or more ( you know people in the service industry call centers etc , basically those people who are not audiophiles.)
These head phone will have two modes, simple (no amplification) and powered mode (sound amplified by an external source). Now the most important part . These will be absolutely non contact head phones i.e they will not touch any part of your ears. The mounting will have to be designed in such a way that both the speakers hang tightly near the ears without touching them. The head band will lock on the head over the ears and by using a special adjustment meter, the user can define the distance of each speaker from his ear lobe. Once the adjustment is done, the next time the user just wears the headphone and they fit exactly at the place where he wants without touching the ears. Have you tried this? Just take two speakers very close to your ears, don't touch them and listen to the rich surround experience that you get and your ears do not hurt. This is what the new head phone design will offer.
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Watch Anything On Television When You Want To Printer Friendly Version
I think it would be cool if television didn't have certain time slots for shows. I think it would be neat to be able to sort of rewind days, weeks, months or years of television shows and go back to an episode or favorite show and rewatch it. Many times there isn't anything on tv that people want to watch and this would guarantee that you could! For example, if I wanted to rewind to an episode of my favorite soap from a month ago or year ago, I would be able to.
Reward: I would want this service given to me for free for the rest of my life. 

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