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Smelly Bad Tasting Wires To Repel Pet Bites Printer Friendly Version
Animal repellents in smell and taste form to spray on or around the house have been around for years, but they wear off qickly and are very expensive for small amounts of it. If you incorporate the pet and animal repellent smells and flavors into the plastics of the wiring or any other household item (in manufacturing) then the smell is permanent and the animal will never chew through expensive wires, cords, or items of large replacement cost. The premanufactured products would work with any product that can retain an odor (mostly plastics or wood) and flavor that the animals hate, but we do not notice then we need not worry any more and on the reverse side; we teach the animal the appropriate smell in toy form such as bacon, or any other flavor an animal goes for. I have used dog repellent on neighbor dogs and it works but it never smelled bad too me.
Reward: New wires for the whole house. Inside and out. 

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WII-ffiti Printer Friendly Version
Graffiti program for the new WII platform.
1. "Paint" program:
User can "spray" paint or other substances on monitor. Background templates will exist to overlay - famous building walls, painting frames, light shows, fireworks displays, etc. Also, "paint by number" painting templates would be available to teach the techniques of famous graffiti artists.
2. A graffiti game, which would pit 2 or more graffiti artists against each other online as a virtual graffiti "slam".
Reward: Name recognition and a free copies for my grandchildren. 

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All-In-One Kitchen Appliance Remote Temperature Gauge Printer Friendly Version
A microwave, freezer, oven, stove, Etc. Microwave safe, heat resistant, and could even go into your wood burning fire place. You simply hold the remote in your hand to read the Temperature safely at a distance and the tool itself Pokes into the food. You could program all of them to one remote and keep the remote magnatized on your refrigerator to tell you when all of your cooking is being prepared at the right time to coordinate cooking times on multiple food items and sounds an alarm when done cooking where ever they may be. This is the key, hardest part to learn and teach about proper meal preperation and could be used to help teach cooking at Culinary Schools World Wide. Even Bakery Schools! Yummmm!
A porcelin material would be heat resistant and would not disturb the microwave.
Reward: Beats the Old Tool! 

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