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Immortalize Yourself Cheaply Printer Friendly Version
There are many ways you can be immortalized. You can buy things today, like space on the moon, but I propose to do it cheaply so the average person can do it on a budget.
I have some cheaper methods to stay on the planet forever - baring a radio-active version of yourself (although a good one). You can make I.D.'s out of materials that will never go away. You might end up in the garbage can and in the local or State dumps but, you will be every where there. We send out to everyone on the planet things that people can remember you by. Your life story, a picture of you infused in plastic or Titanium that never gets destroyed. But it has your picture on it and what ever you want to say or show about yourself in email form or mass mailings of your I.D.'s so that everyone has a chance to see you forever at least once.
You could also put yourself into the media through DVD's of you and whatever else you want on it and you do cheaper bulk rate/book rate mass mailings. Anyway, in order to get your fifteen minutes of fame, you show yourself in picture or some form, in some, form or what you want and send it out to everyone with an address. After all we wont be around forever but, maybe we can be in someway. People will remember you.
Reward: Credit 

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Caller ID meets Internet Lookup Printer Friendly Version
Getting a caller ID on your phone display is a neat thing if the caller is already in your address book. However, if the number is unknown, it isn't exactly very helpful. It would be cool if the phone could do a quick lookup in an online phonebook database and display the caller anyway. Maybe this would be possible via Bluetooth technology?
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Bare Car Printer Friendly Version
Prof. Victor Papanek talked in his book 'Design for the Real World', about how more than a ton of metal is used to move a 150 pound human from place to place.
Many of the National Labs in USA are working on developing self-contained suits for use by the National Security people for use in all kinds of emergencies.
Most of a car is designed to provide a micro-environment to the occupant.
The idea proposed is:
Can a simplified version of the special protection suit be used in conjunction with a skeletal, light weight transporter, which could even have only three wheels and the drive mechanism in an open execution?
Such a transporter may weigh less than a third of the present cars and probably run for quite a while on a tank of gas.
Reward: Less pollution. Saving non-renewable fossil fuels. 

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