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Yahoo "Launch" meets shopping centers Printer Friendly Version
Yahoo has a service / website called "Launch." Launch will play videos & music for you, and you can tell the system if you liked the selection or not. With that information (and comparing it to other users' music taste), Launch will figure out your preferences, and ideally only play pieces that you like, including new ones you have never heard before.
It would be cool if a similar system could be used in shopping centers. In most of them, the choice of music is really horrible, and I'm pretty sure that most shoppers don't like it either. The situation could be easily solved by storing information about the individual shoppers' music taste on a customer card. Before shopping, you could "check in" to the shopping center, the system would know who's currently "in" and mix the shopping music to their taste.
Reward: Give me a special customer card that will give my music taste higher priority. 

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SMALL-MART Printer Friendly Version
A reatailer that could combine the advantages of internet shopping (or even large discount stores), namely selection and prices, with the low cost of many local distribution points would meet a lot of shopper's needs, and save time and transportation costs. Using computer-based warehouse information systems, the company could take orders for goods through a website, then ship to local outlets for customer pick-up. An extra charge for delivery service could even be a part of the scheme. These distribution points could be as simple as the corner gas station with a franchise with a drive-through pick-up window.
Reward: Entry to heaven. 

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Fantasy Movie Studio (like Fantasy Baseball) Printer Friendly Version
Create a "fantasy movie studio" entertainment/subscription site, similar to "fantasy baseball" (a sophisticated prediction game based on the real stats of a live MLB season). Partner with the Internet Movie Database for existing information --rather than collecting your own.
Rather than RBIs and other stats that baseball uses, use stats that apply to the entertainment industry like amount of money each actor brings in per picture, a "diva"/"temperment" scale (for qualitative information that effects quantitative results), etc. to determine how much money a film will bring in for "the team" --i.e., movie studio. Films can be picked from "in production" category in the IMDB. Users could also customize such features as creating their own film studio, negotiating contracts for actors, etc.
With this online entertainment/subscription service you could also build everything on your "team" from the actors to the director to the set designer.
Reward: Free subscription to the service and credit. 

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