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Immersive reality for Second Life Printer Friendly Version
Recent research has shown that a simulated out-of-body experience is easily induced by presenting a binocular view of another's surroundings to an observer (see reference 1 below). By presenting slightly different angles to the left and the right eye, a stereoscopic effect can be induced. Second life is a growing online community that would potentially be interested in immersive virtual reality, and there could be money to be made by enhancing their online experience. Using an infrared sensor similar to the Wii remote would provide head tracking to communicate with the software (see reference 2) in a more realistic way.
1. Binocular display
2. Infrared sensor for head movement tracking simlilar using Wii remote hack. (see reference 2)
1. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/02/health/02mind.html?scp=2&sq=mind&st=cse
2. http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/johnny_lee_demos_wii_remote_hacks.html

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Software: Select the Cell Phone You Want Printer Friendly Version
I want a cell phone that fits my needs exactly with so many features it is hard to find the best fit to my requirements. I would like a piece of software that operates on a sort of binary key concept to help me isolate the best phones across all makes to suit my needs. Perhaps a website could be created to do this, it could be funded by a commission from sales with manufactures presenting their data for moderation and addition to the database. The idea would work for a variety of other things besides phones.
Reward: I would save a lot of time finding exactly what I wanted without reading a lot of useless information. 

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Planning for preservation of our planet Printer Friendly Version
Just back from a conference where I saw a demonstration of a software simulator used in a negotiation among the institutional leaders of a city, a group of farmers and companies delivering water to the city. The negociation was about water beeing polluted by pesticides used by the farmers. I found the software very useful to elaborate scenarios consequent to the behavior of the different parties and to get the consensous of the parties on a certain scenario.
Such a software could be used to elaborate scenarios on the evolution of our planet and used by representatives of the major countries to run simulations on consequences of certain decisions (e.g. impact of production of certain gas on the ozone, impact of use of pesticides on water, impact of demographic growth of certain countries on famine...). The software should be run by an international independent body (e.g. the UN) and the simulations should allow the leaders of the countries to agree on possible future scenarios of development and avoid actions that could lead to the destruction of our planet.
Reward: let me help in the development of the process 

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