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Michael D. Grissom
Pet TV Printer Friendly Version
On the Discovery TV channel it was explained that our dog/cat pets can only see garbage on our TV screens because their eye response is much too fast for the frame rate (pictures per second) that was designed for humans. This was their explanation of why dogs won't even notice "Lassie" on TV. We know that if we changed the frame rate to something else, humans would see various degrees of a flickering picture (like old silent films) and in some cases it would be so bad as to look like garbage. So...
What if we changed the frame rate (while a Lassie tape is looping) until the dog or cat starts noticing. This could be perfected in the local dog pound with a big screen TV.
For those of you who have pets that go nuts when home alone, wouldn't it be nice to be able to push a button on the remote to switch your TV to "Dog/Cat Mode" and pop in their favorite tape before leaving?
This would be an original equipment modification that would probably add about $10 to $30 to the TV's retail depending on circuit design.
Please don't ask about goldfish or gerbil frequencies (yet). ;-)
Reward: One can of "Puppy Breath" scent air freshner. 

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Single Piece Recyclable Computer Case Printer Friendly Version
Computer cases have two obvious problems. First they are not recyclable (or made from recycled material) and secondly they come in many pieces and parts and are made from various materials. Metal & Non-recyclable computer cases fill our landfills everyday with toxins.
My ideal case would be some form of injection-molded (from recyclable or recycled plastic) single piece case which could house the main computer components.
Allowances would need to be made for case cooling as well as a hinge/closure mechanism to allow easy access of internal components.
I worked for a plastic-folder manufacturer several years ago that had developed CD/DVD binders that where 100% recyclable, so if a simple design could be worked out I believe this would help reduce the strain on the environment, and eventually reduce the price of computers plus the would come in some really COOL COLORS!
Making this one single piece would allow these to be manufactured by the gazillion for little $$ once the initial molding & setup has been paid for.
I have not seen anything like (a single piece case) on the net; please let me know if you find something similar or have some ideas.
Reward: A few of these in various colors. 

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Programmed Muscle Movement Printer Friendly Version
Map the human body by collecting electronic impluses of muscle contractions during daily movements. (the suit design similar to the animations industry use on live models to record movement for animated characters created in the computer/movie industry) Assign each lead with # or note, record the impulse firing sequences. A parapalegic should be able to wear a wired body suit powered by a small device that delivers the electronic stimulus to muscles that are programmed into an mp3 or ipod. There would be stored sequences for each activity; such as walk straight ahead, veer right, sit down etc. Most of our movements have counter muscle movements needed for balance, this would fire multiple muscle groups in the natural order. Change your direction, change the song!
Reward: Have someone in Animation animate a Real Human Body! 

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