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zyx Rationalist
Long Life for Electric Bulbs Printer Friendly Version
Over the number of years that I have lived, I have realized that, most of the time we loose filament of electric bulbs is while switching the bulb on. That must be because of sudden heating of cold filament to an instant brightness. So if we create a second electric bulb holder that fits on any existing bulb holder such that it doesn't instantly ignite the bulb to full brightness but rather smoothly increases the electric current to the fullest, then we would save a lot of money and resources of producing electric bulbs. And poorer areas where only bulbs are used will be glad to buy such a product.
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Soap Dispensing Shower Head Attachment Printer Friendly Version
A liquid soap and shampoo dispensing, screw on, shower head attachment that lets the water saturating your hair and body be full of soap or shampoo until switched off for rinsing. Refillable with your favorite brands of liquid body soap or shampoos.
In essence the water already has the soap in it to begin with so, you have no need for bottles or bars of soap or shampoo. Just unscrew your existing shower head, add the soap and shampoo dispenser, and screw back on the shower head for easy installation. Easy as that. Fill with product and be done. Saves time and money.
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 South Korea
Length-Adjustable Power & Other Lines Printer Friendly Version
I am neither a terribly neat person nor a person suffering from mysophobia, yet I would love to clean up the mess behind the multi-media section in my home where I had put my television, stereo, play station, video plyer, cable box, and some other appliances such as telephone. So naturally, behind all these would be a jungle of "needlessly" long cables.
Presently, I had tied the cables into groups which helped a little in solving the problem. It would be really helpful if the cables were the RIGHT length or make wireless appliances, which I believe is on the way. However, in the mean time, why not make the power cables and other interconnecting cables adjustable. One way would be to have the cables coil up hidden within a aplliance so you could pull out the exact length of cable. This would be useful when re-locating your furniture, too.
Also consider making the cables bendable, I mean have some kind of wire withing the cable to make them take a certain shape. Then, it would be possible to have the cables running tightly along the corners and edges without using tapes or other untidy things.
Home appliances are evolving day by day in the technical sense. Length adjustable cables can be achieved without highly advanced technology. Please make them for me. Thanks.

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