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Family cell phone Printer Friendly Version
Children's flip cell phone, large keys. Capable of recording voice messages from family members such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, Mom & Dad, and storing pictures of same. Child pushes a key such as "1", picture of Grandpa and Grandma shows on screen while prerecorded messages from Grandpa and Grandma appear. Designed for children from 1-4 years of age.

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Wearable Velcro Suit With Interchangable Costumes Printer Friendly Version
Clothing to which you can attach various different patches of velcro backed objects, which represent a different imaginary or real persona or type of outwardly projected and seeable job, activity (P.J.s, etc.), or fairy tale mythological being that any child wants to be. A doctor, a judge, a cartoon, a fireman, a wizard, a dragon, a professional sports player (you would attach all the jersey uniform pieces to the velcro clothing) or what ever you can think of that a child could or would want to pretend to be with the suit as a complete visual aid. The clothing would be pants and long sleeves that both are velcroed together that come complete, but come apart to reassemble into short sleeves or shorts. All the extra pieces to make the costumes (all life size and realistic where applicable) are all basically flat and attach directly to any part of the suit making it possible to change into one or more types of person or creature at any time. Like jersey numbers, names, stripes, colored pieces of that team, logos, etc. Great for kid plays or a group or birthdays or even holidays (just think of all of the kids as elves). We could even make one of the children Santa and have them sort the presents.
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Braces for Your Eyes Printer Friendly Version
Metal implants designed to retain perfect vision: When children are young and have perfect vision, scientists could implant a metal bulb (almost) shaped exactly like their eyes into their eye sockets (between their actual eye & eye scoket). Leave it in for life, and your eyes will never change shape and you’ll never lose your perfect vision. Your skull will grow around it, painlessly (hopefully). It's like braces for your eyes! (I admit, it's kind of dangerous, but with some research and careful design, it could work).
Reward: Product named after me and/or a job interning/working for the producing/manufacturing company. 

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