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John Montgomery
Universal Bodywear Device Printer Friendly Version
I think the convienience of personal handheld devices is hindered by the fact that one must carry so many different types of personal devices to handle all of the tasks required for living in the information age.
A modern business professional may carry a notebook computer, a cell phone that can send and receive email, a watch with a chronometer, a pager, a personal data assistant, a compass, a portable CD/DVD player, a radio, a Global Positioning system, and a swiss army knife.
All of these devices could be built into a single accessory with voice recognition controls and voice synthesithizing capacity to read your emails out loud. The basic unit could fit in a comfortable, fashionable hipsack that lets you carry a water bottle and the swiss army knife. A wireless connection to the wrist accessory gives you a keypad for "quick" controls, such as cell phone redial or making the audio playback of an email go mute. An optional head accessory could facilitate listening and spoken communication to and through the device like a telephone operator's headset. For fashion, the head accessory could be compatible with optional, detachable features like a motorcycle helmet, bicycle helmet, sunvisor, built-in light-sensitive extra-durable perscription sunglasses, ear muffs, culturally significant headwear for Indian-American women, et cetera. The wrist unit will also take your pulse and summon paramedics if you have a heart atack. The hip sack unit will measure the slight shock of your footsteps and estimate your aerobic burn when running office errands for your boss. The personal data assistant will merge with your office computer's information netowrk and your home computer's information system so that you get all of those reminders about everything from the Boss's big meeting to the children's soccar practice to the personal schedule commitments like wedding anniversaries and red-hot business contacts. The wrist unit will connect to anyone else's by infared to share data files and coordinate schedules.
All together, the system should emphasize portability because all of the devices will run off of a lightweight rechargable battery kept in the hip sack. The device should maximize what it can do for its user like the devices we dream of in science fiction and coordinate with any kind of clothing choices we choose, whether we dress business casual, corporate, bullet proof vest, or recreational at the beach in a bathing suit while telecommuting through our universal device.
In summary, I think every kind of personal device should be combined into the "Universal Bodywear" system that wires a human like a cyborg for serious business in the information age. We don't need specific devices for each and every little function - we need a system that does everything, looks trendy when wear it, and has things we don't normally use to help take our electronic gadgetry skills to the next higher level.
Reward: I would be rewarded to see people use a Universal Bodywear device like I've described. It seems like science fiction which really could be true! 

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Nate the Great
Doggy Harmony.com Printer Friendly Version
This is a website that matches up your lifestyle with the right dog. It would opperate much like the "match making" websites. People interested in owning a dog can fill out a survey and the computer will match them up with a list of dogs that would be most compatible with that person's lifestyle.
Reward: Happy dogs. 

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Retractable Face Shield for Bike Helmets Printer Friendly Version
Detachable, retractable (it goes up to the top of the regular bike helmet or down in front of your face) face shield much like the face shields worn by police officers wearing riot gear masks but, with much lighter weight (thin but, strong clear plastic). Not for impact protection but, has many other protective features such as pebbles, bugs, wind burn, dirt, dust, or other flying debrise protecting all parts of your face especially your eyes from abrasion from objects in the air (dust can scratch your eyes and mess with your breathing). It would sit on top of your head and helmet, when not in use, completely out of the way and would not alter the existing design of bike helmets of today. You could even un-snap it and take it off completely returning your helmet back to original design. What we are trying to avoid with this design is adding weight or obscuring vision and by making the mask limited in size and only in front of the face we solve both these problems especially since plastic can be strong, durable, replaceable, and light in weight. Cheap to make and cheap to buy and a very easy thing to add to existing helmet designs.
Reward: Credit 

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