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User Defined Software "Menu" Bar, Etc. Printer Friendly Version
Just like your "Favorites" Menu; you can move Menu Items and transfer all Software Menu options to any Menu Title Heading and Even Grab and add From an Add and Deleted Menu. So, you get some Software like, a Paint Program, for instance and realize you always need to hit five buttons or items first just to begin so, you rearrange those plus your favorites under one Menu Bar Title Heading and Rename the Menu's Name's to suit you!
You would also be able to choose the Menu Item's "Word" or corresponding "Button" to your choice and color. Just to make software easy!
Reward: To Rename, Add, Delete, rearrange and color the huggest program and create a zip file of useless commands! Like there's no useless commands! Ha, ha, ha! 

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Wireless Broadcasting of TV channels Printer Friendly Version
Why not have a TV receiver that can simultaneously translate up to 20 channels and send them wirelessly AKA broadcast them to the other TV's in the home. Room A wants to watch channel 2. Room A tunes their TV to channel 2 and the TV transmits to the receiver telling it to broadcast channel 2, therefore allowing the TVs in any room to receive channel 2. Up to 20 different TVs could tell the receiver to transmit a different channel. This would allow the simultaneous recording/watching of up to 20 channels in different rooms.
In addition allow any one TV to ask the receiver for up to five channels (for viewing and for recording), allowing you to record four channels simultaneously while being free to watch your TV program in real time all on one TV set.
If four TVs were each recording their max. of four unique channels and each of the four were displaying a unique program in real time, this would mean the receiver was broadcasting its maximum 20 unique channels.
Do I watch too much TV? No, but all the good stuff is on at the same time!
Reward: Recognition for the idea 

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WII-ffiti Printer Friendly Version
Graffiti program for the new WII platform.
1. "Paint" program:
User can "spray" paint or other substances on monitor. Background templates will exist to overlay - famous building walls, painting frames, light shows, fireworks displays, etc. Also, "paint by number" painting templates would be available to teach the techniques of famous graffiti artists.
2. A graffiti game, which would pit 2 or more graffiti artists against each other online as a virtual graffiti "slam".
Reward: Name recognition and a free copies for my grandchildren. 

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