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Dust Bunny Collection Device Printer Friendly Version
Yes, I know this sounds silly, and perhaps it is, but the proliferation and propagation of dust bunnies is a nuisance and a problem at home and work. What the device looks like: the size of a large fat cookie with doors in the sides the size of quarters. The center is hollow and is basically a housing bay or receptical for the bunnies. The top can be easily removed to discard bunny carcusses to a convenient waste basket, or, a more humane method: release them to the outside world. How it works: There is some kind of electro-magnetic (possibly) static generating, battery powered mechanism housed in the center of the device. Advantages: aside from removing these pesky rodents from living quarters, in a civilized, humane way...thus automatically keeping clean one's home and office, there are none. This could be a cool novelty yet practical and feasible invention for someone who has the technical ezpertise to create it! Besides...these creatures will be a lot happier in the wild...
Reward: Send me some...I could sure use 'em. 

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Leaf Roller Printer Friendly Version
My idea is to make a garden tool that looks exactly like a lawn roller, with numerous spikes protruding from the roller to gather the leaves. This equipment would have a horizontal flat bar fixed across the roller frame to knock off the leaves {as the roller turned} into a collecting box or basket, which would also be secured to the framework. The basket should be easily removable to deposit the leaves in the usual place . All parts would be manufactured from plastic materials [pliable or firm] as required, to enable the roller to be easily pushed over all types of ground surfaces. If it should be possible to make and market such an item of garden equipment,it would be of great benefit to those of us who live in close proximity to trees.[Especially at this time of year].
Reward: To be able to purchase one. 

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Cafe Cuts Printer Friendly Version
This would be a combination of a beauty salon and a coffee shop. You would be able to have a latte while having your hair or nails done, a great way to pass the time while having a pedicure. During the late hours of the day, there could be a live jazz band playing, and maybe a 1/2 price manicure & poetry reading night.
Reward: A nice big gift basket and a Cafe Cuts built somewhere in Southwest Florida. 

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