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Reverseable Furniture Printer Friendly Version
If you sit on it one way it is one type of furniture, then you turn it over to reveal another kind of furniture with a completely different type and design. Exactly like the toys (The Transformers) but, with furniture of all kinds. The supports to hold the furniture up and in place would be the most only thing needed to be reversable like the legs of a chair, bed, futon, or table, etc. Possibly the back would need to have the ability to be up-side down as well. If you flip it, it could go from chair to bed or another type of chair like a lounge chair to a dinner table chair. The fabric designs could be different as well or complimentary to the other fabric designs.
Reward: Four Arm Chairs. 

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Stefan Micke
Infrared Detectors for Running Sushi Printer Friendly Version
Ever been to a running sushi bar? It's certainly a beautiful way to have dinner, but somehow I feel I can never fully relax: After all, I have to keep track of the food that's circulating, so I know which is fresh from the kitchen and which has already been on tour for half an hour (yuck!). Infrared binoculars could do the trick, but they are not very handy, and worst of all, they will draw too much attention. I would need a lighter and cheaper version that is adapted solely for this specific purpose.
Reward: Send me one. And don't tell anybody else. If everyone has one of those, they'll be entirely useless!!! 

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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in a Cup Printer Friendly Version
This is important if you don't have the time to cook and fix yourself up a meal, you can just get a Meal In a Cup and microwave it for 30 seconds. This is also if you still want a balanced meal in the morning. Ideas for starter meals are Spam, bacon and Chinese noodles for dinner and for lunch a lettce, tomato and ranch, French or Italian dressing. For breakfast - waffles and bananas.
Reward: Getting the 6 pack of Dinner in a Cup for free and another 6 pack and even a 12 pack of Breakfast in a Cup 

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