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Lighting tool for artists Printer Friendly Version
There may already be something like this out there, but how about an app and/or program that allows one to create or upload a 3d shape, and experiment with different lighting sources on it? They could pick the direction the light source(s) are coming from, along with the color, intensity, and size of the lighting. The texture/reflectiveness of the target object could also be modified. This would be an invaluable resource for people who like to draw/paint from imagination, but need some additional reference.
Reward: Satisfaction of having a good point of reference. 

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William J. Beaty
Cure All Rusting for Good Printer Friendly Version
Some forms of corrosion are known to be caused by bacteria (the rusting of the Titanic, for example.) What if *ALL* metallic corrosion turns out to be biological rather than from simple chemistry? In that case, tailored antibacterials could at long last "cure" all unwanted rust (cured in the medical sense). Probably a cocktail of drugs would be needed for the various iron-eating flora, and different drugs would go after the aluminum-eaters, etc.
Reward: Stock in your gene-engineering anticorrosion paint company. 

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Liquid Wax Crayon Pens Printer Friendly Version
What would be better than a regular crayon? One that fully saturates the paper in full vibrant colors that fully cover a page and leave no lines behind. Very little effort to use a liquid wax crayon pen that brings out the best colors ever. Just like a pen or ink the pen can come in different sizes and they could glow in the dark or be flourescent colors or any kind of materials added to the wax. This product is related to different paints and white out type products that can be flow controlled. A mixture of powderized wax particles in a drying adhesive type catalyst or delivery system.
You wouldn't need heat to melt the wax since it is infused (in powderized form) into a pen type delivery system. The delivery system is similar to chemically melting the powderized wax like you can take off finger nail polish or paint with a minimum of fumes given off of the chemical. Very easy to melt the wax without endangering anyone with heat to melt the wax. The color would also beat colored pencils in brightness and all other qualities. A better crayon and fun for all!
Reward: Yearly set of these for life! 

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