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Message from old time Printer Friendly Version
Capsules with memories from present are inserted into new buildings. Official documents may be secret for decades before they come public. Personal documents can be kept in vaults or law offices, but normally they are given to relatives when the owner dies.
Has someone already commercialized a message from old time service? A reliable organization, which stores in a secure place messages and mementos to be given to relatives after decades, even a hundred years later. Those could be greetings, handwritten letters, biographies, documents, files, secrets, photos and videos, notifications in public medias, small items etc. The service would take care of all data and convert it to modern format. Nothing valuable to avoid judicial writs, as it can be difficult to find the nearest relative after a long period.

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Aircraft Safety Printer Friendly Version
Aircraft safety is now a big issue. Hundreds of lives can be lost at one time due to small mistakes or failures. If the plane is inevitabaly going to crash and there is no way to stop it, at present the only thing to do is to sit tight and hope you survive. My idea is as follows:
There is a device (a larger version of a pilot ejection seat) that blasts the whole passenger compartment away from the wings and engines. The rocket propellors are situated at the front and the back of the passenger compartment away from the fuel tanks and engines to prevent explosions. After say 10 seconds when the rockets have burnt out and the cabin is clear of the remains, two parachutes open up, again at the front and the back, so that it can fall horizontally to the ground. The wings and engines also have a single parachute each to keep fatalities on the ground to a minimum (maybe have a siren to warn people on the ground). The fuel/engine free passenger cabin will land safely on airbags which can be opened up manually by the pilot before contact with the land/water. They will prevent the plane from sinking or absorb the impact, which could still be quite large despite the parachutes. Admittedly, there would still probably be some loss of lives somwhere due to this but it would be far less than the plane plummeting towards the ground at hundreds of miles an hour.
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Childrens spillproof juice bottle cap Printer Friendly Version
This idea is a spillproof bottle cap for young children. It replaces the existing cap on off-the-shelf beverages. The bottle with this cap in place will not release its contents unless a vacuume is present in the nossle (by sucking), so the bottle will not leak from being squeezed. A valve opens with the action of this vacuume.
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