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Thumb drive notification when you try to log out Printer Friendly Version
I've done it before, and I imagine you might have too. You plug in your USB drive into the USB port and open up your work, spend ages working on it, save. Log out. Walk away.
...which is fine, if you're at home. But I'm a school student, and a number of times I have left my thumb drive in a school computer, or seen it happen to other people. Sometimes, you get it back. Other students are not so honest.
The problem is, if you lose the USB drive, you use the work on it as well, either temporarily or permanently. The logical thing to do would be to back it up, but we're not perfect, and I (and probably others) never do.
I have seen programs (although I've never used them) that display a warning when you power off your computer/put it into standby, telling you that your USB drive is still in the computer. However, there are two problems with this (for my intended use, anyway):
1. At school (I'm a student) we don't turn off the computers at the end of each class. Instead, we simply log off so the next person may use the computer. The warning would never appear.
2. From what I've seen, these programs are installed on the computer itself, rather than being stored on the USB drive. We have over 100 computers and you can never be sure which one you're going to be using. Clearly the program needs to be stored on the USB drive, NOT the computer you plug it into.
So, what I'm suggesting: A small program that runs from your USB drive and, when it is still plugged into the computer and you try to log off, it displays a notification something along the lines of, "Wait a minute, don't leave me behind!"
(If anybody know of something like this, PLEASE let me know!)
Reward: Free use of this program and clear instructions on how to make it work if it's not just a simple app. 

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The Wake-up Bed Printer Friendly Version
Many people have a big problem with hearing the snoozing of the clock. In addition to this problem we think that they need to create an invention to that matter.
The solution for waking up in the morning would be that people can program their bed at night before going to sleep and instead of the bed waking them up with a sound or music, it starts moving slowly, and little by little the movements become stronger.
Reward: a sample of the item 

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Alarm And Light Warning In Talking Refrigerators Printer Friendly Version
Have you ever noticed that when you go to the fridge late at night and open it that you have a tendency to stand there half asleep starring at the contents for several minutes?
Well, if the refrigerator had a variable sound level worded command you could proceed in the snacking process with out wasting time, electricity and other qualities that go with it. You could hurry up and get back to bed!
You could also program your refrigerator to give you a list of night time snacks that are in it. You might even want a flashing red light to help wake you up.
Reward: A talking refrigerator with this! 

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