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Allen D Leftwich
Internet Voting Printer Friendly Version
Why have a house and senate? Suppose legislation was to be brought to the voting public instead of debated and voted on in the house and senate. With the internet being what it is today, why do we need elected representatives to vote on laws on our behalf when we now have a level of technology that can enable us to vote for ourselves? Maybe a certain day of every month could be devised to vote on, like for example the second Thursdays of every month. Legislators could make the bills to be presented to the public and special interest groups could lobby us instead of them. It would certainly be much fairer and less likely to be corruptible.
I am also against the practice of slipping unrelated legislation into bills. If internet voting on legislation ever catches on, I would like to see the line item veto also given to the people. People that don't have internet access could ask permission from a friend, relative, or neighbor to use their internet to vote or go to the public library to vote with their internet access. A person's social security number and birth date could be used to send their vote to make it valid. A set of master computers could have all registered voters information in its database for comparison to the incoming votes. Lobbyists would have to educate the public on the pros of their legislation and opposing positions would have to educate us on the cons of those bills presented. It might be time to start decentralizing the legislative body on the state and federal levels in this way.
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Laser Beam Vehicle Head Lights and Other Lights Printer Friendly Version
Why use halogen when you can defuse laser beam light to be headlights of any color including clear white light. You could make laser beam flash lights or house lights, lamp lights, night lights, or any other light source.
Why not make TV's or computer screens with laser light, full spectrum laser beam light, advancing the resolution and brightening the colors. Prisms difuse any light into full spectrum light. You could run them under your car or have rainbow colored lights in your car or out side your car in the exterior lights. Lasers come in lots of colors, even clear, and are very bright and can travel a very long distance lengthening the distance which you could see in the dark at night on the road or get noticed better in the day.
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Anti car speaker system Printer Friendly Version
Ever hate those annoying folks who drive by your house with their bass system shaking your windows, walls, and floor? Waking up your children, preventing you from studying? The government has laws about regulating noise in residential areas but rarely enforced. What better way to enforce these laws with an EMP gun turret.
Mount this bad boy on a telephone pole in a residential area. When a driver passes by with audio levels prohibited in neighborhoods, the turret locks onto the car and fires an EMP blast. This will disable the car, the stupid car stereo, and anything else electrical.
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