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Digital Wallpaper Printer Friendly Version
Do you change your wallpaper every month or so? Are you tired of the same old boring wallpaper designs on your wall? Changing the wallpaper can be really hard too. The digital wallpaper could change that. it would be digital paper or some kind of very thin screen that would fit on your walls. A small computer box that would also be on the wall would be able to download any image or pattern you want and put it on the digital paper or screen so you could change wallpaper every day if you wanted to. Cool, eh?
Reward: Digital Wallpaper for every room in my house! 

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Jeans and Pants that have a Zipper in the Back Printer Friendly Version
With a zipper and/or buttons in the back, just like the ones in front, we can solve many problems. First of all those of us who haven't a common pants size have no way to purchase said product from a normal store. We are either to chubby or too short and chubby to find our size. Also, we have a stylish way of wearing our jeans hanging down low and we can either have the option of the proper tight fit pants or go for the low style at any graduated point we set the back too. In many places such as schools and Universities and other places, it is not allowable to wear your jeans down around the hips exposing your under garments, so we just button or zip up in the back and the problem is solved. If we wear these pants when we over eat we could then take off the pressure on the jeans and allow room for a good fit until digestion takes place. These pants could be worn backwards as well which is another style all together. Many problems could be solved by these size changing jeans and pants I am proposing here.
Reward: A few pair for me. 

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Unal Izgi
Plastic Books Printer Friendly Version
What about books made of plastic ex. (PE) sheets, from which the plastic bags are made of. The cover of the book can be made of hard plastic and the pages weaker plastic sheets. In this case, you will be able to read your favourite book wherever you want. In the pool, in the rain, etc. Pages won't tear as easily as paper. You will be able to keep and store your books for a long time in any place without the fear that they will be eaten by any creature or that it would get damaged at a moist room climate. Recycling is possible. There are so many advantages but the most important thing is that you will protect the nature. There won't be any need to kill the forest. Newspapers and magazines can also be made of plastic.
Reward: Write to me 

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