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Chlorophyll solar panel Printer Friendly Version
To sum it up quickly, I will spare you the high school science class info. Basically my idea is to use synthtic chlorophyll, first synthesized by Robert Woodward in 1960 at Harvard University, to make a photo cell capable of producing useable amounts of energy. I'm not the smartest guy but I imagine there are two major problems.
1- Since chlorophyll is being made by plants regularly, I assume it degrades over time. There would need to be a way to either stop degradation completely (sounds very difficult if not impossible) or replenish it at a consistent rate.
2- Change how chlorophyll makes energy. Not sure how this would work exactly, but somehow alter chlorophyll to produce a type of energy capable of being stored in batteries.
I'm not sure if this idea is even possible, but if a "green" solar panel was made, it would be very easy to market. Thanks for reading this, any additional input would be appreciated.

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Insect catcher for your insect-eating pets Printer Friendly Version
May not be a BIG market for such a device but I haven't seen one out there (yet) that does what my idea does here.

What's this for? - Anyone with any kind of insect-eating pet (animal, mammal, insect, etc.) that wants to supplement their pet's food supply or even save more money from purchasing insects from their local pet stores.
What is it? - A simple device that catches live flying insects (in healthy ways) and can be used to transport the flying insects to your pet's cage for some din, din. I have created some prototypes that work (sometimes too good). BUT of course you would have to be in a climate that offers such flying insects (many kinds) in volume.
How to create this insect catching? - Use your imagination! It can be built in many simple ways. But you have to like doing this type of stuff (creating new things). And I think that it's only fair not to give you all of the details here because I will need place over 200+ words in describing how to create this device (the way that I did it). Based on the info here, someone (who's interested) should be able to do it.
Reward: Just let me know what you think about this. If you build it for your pets let me know how it goes for you. 

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Non-GPS-based, computer interfaced, in home, cat tracker Printer Friendly Version
I saw the GPS-based doggy locator system post. Has anyone done this one? Use one or three (triangulation) in-home reciever/transmitters (maybe paintable, to blend into corners of ceiling) to track and record the exact location of your cat(s), while in the house (or any location in the range)? It seems like it wouldn't necessarily need a really high-power or sophisticated transmitter/receiver. . . I would've used this when we trained our second cat to use the toilet. She would occasionally use a few, favorite areas when she forgot about using the toilet. We didn't want to (but did) have to cover up or otherwise use physical blockades and clutter up our, already small, place.
The system would set off an audible command from a stereo (or shock on collar, or have small, portable, remote water squirt/sprayers, -whatever) when the pet is in a pre-programmed, discretely defined, off-limits areas. It could be linked to your PC and use a program that knows the boundaries of your home (area, whatever). You'd first take the collar around these boundaries of your place so the computer program could learn/outline the volume of range. Then you could go around and set "NO!" zones (our cats know what "NO!" and "Good Kitty" means). One could change the location and size of "NO!" zones from the computer, without moving obstacles. One could also record where the kitties have been while you are gone or where they are now, if they like to hide and sleep. It seems like having three, inexpensive reciever/transmitters would allow for realiability as well as pinpoint locating - to keep cats off vertically different surfaces like the counters, away from small "visited" spots on the carpet (cats can detect even well-cleaned areas), while allowing them freedom to roam anywhere else.
Reward: Joy of seeing a low-cost system developed and work, and maybe get a free one and/or whatever the developer sees as fair. 

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