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Digital hand-held nutritional monitor Printer Friendly Version
A portable hand-held device that incorporates a digital bar-code reader, memory for data storage, and usb port could be used with appropriate programming to monitor nutritional intake with real-time convenience. The reader would allow a user to scan the product's bar code for identificantion of the food, and then search its database for "nutrition-fact" data for the product to give a running total of nutritional intake over a day or other time increment.
This would require a digital database of packaged foods with their "nutrition facts" on the device, and also ideally easily downloadable updates for users. Periodic updating of the database through the usb port would allow new products to be added or old ones modified. The ability to select generic foods, like fruits, vegetables and meats, easily would be necessary.
A desirable feature would be to allow users to program a diet and download it to the device, so that a running total of calories, carbs, proteins, fats, etc. could be maintained through the day, and even suggestions made about foods that would stay within the diet for a given meal. Uploading of actual intake data from day-to-day could be used for longer term assessment and correlations to weight-loss or other health issues like diabetes, or high cholesterol levels.
Reward: Healthier people. 

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Digital Film Roll Printer Friendly Version
How about a Digital Film Roll cartridge for a standard manual SLR Camera that can replace your conventional 35mm film roll... The digital cartridge could have parts which would fool the manual SLR to believe that the roll is real... i.e., wind the roll in place after every exposure, unwind etc. The cartridge would consist of a battery unit, storage space, exposure transfer screen/pad, roll advance sensor. The battery and storage is shaped like a standard film roll atttached to a screen, which registers the exposure through manual/normal operation of the camera, and the forward movement sensor fools the camera that the picture has been taken. The battery and storage unit would have necessary sockets for transferring photographs to the computer. Such an equipment could save development and processing cost of photographs.
Reward: free of cost! 

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Compressed DVD libraries Printer Friendly Version
I am tired of buying DVDs and piling them. With mega storage drives available, maybe someone should compress about 200 movies and market them. Select and create your own DVD library, something like MP3 songs on a single player. With a user interface to choose movies and plug into any TV, you have your own library and storage is easy.
Reward: I guess someone is already doin it, if so, please point me in the right direction. 

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