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Lather-In Hair Gel Printer Friendly Version
Now you can have that wet look all day long. This brand new product is a shampoo and a hair gel that lets your hair stay with the freshly wet showered look. It cleans your hair and scalp but looks great when you get out. Saving valuable time applying that hair product after a shower. You can ever style with it or anything else you want to do to your hair after bath or shower. You can dry it with your dryer to style.
You put it in during a bath or shower and only comes out with soap.
If you have ever put hair spray on wet hair, then you would know that it stays wet looking all day.
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New Scent for cologne Printer Friendly Version
Have you ever smelled a man's electric razor blades? It is the one and only, nice, totally Masculine Scent. Nothing smells more Masculine than that. It is raw metal, beard hair shavings, skin, added to what ever soap or shaving cream they used. Combine metal, beard hair and skin smell with any other scent and you've got "Man In A Bottle". It can't be beat. I defy you to find something more masculine than that.
I would love to market this one myself but, I do not currently own a company that can manufacture it. I hope you agree with me and make it. I will buy the first ten bottles.
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Vanity Pets Printer Friendly Version
Concept: Sick of looking at that marmalade cat? Why not create the pet of your dreams.
Solution: First, an electrolysis session for your pet (this will ensure that the animal’s natural hair doesn’t grow back). Now for the fun part – a pet hair transplant (conveniently, this has already been human tested). There would be no limit to color, patterns and textures to choose from, with a complete line of natural and synthetic hair. How about a psychedelic cat, checkered dog or a gerbil with pinstripes?
Practical applications include:
- an easily identifiable pet with hair patterns arranged to indicate owner’s address, phone number or name
- quadruped billboard (generate advertisements on the side of your pet)
- synthetic hair completely eliminates shedding
- make your pet appropriately match home décor prior to stuffing
- afro pooch
- when you tire of your pet, don’t get rid of him, just change his breed e.g. a St. Bernard that resembles a Dalmatian
- have a horse? make your own zebra
Reward: A pink chinchilla with a pom-pom head piece. 

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