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Home tresspasser photographer Printer Friendly Version
Battery powered, solar recharged, laser diode creating a barrier around common entryways into your house / doors / windows or even to protect the immediate area around your home (yard). The purpose is that if the laser barrier is broken by a trespasser, photos will be taken of the area where the laser was broken (say five pictures with one second delay) for each laser break. Infrared lasers will allow it to be invisible to the naked eye. The device should automatically delete pictures that are older than a variable amount of days. The days should be determined by the owner during the setup.
Basically if your yard was protected, you would have a laser crossing your yard near your house. The camera is digital and mounted on the house facing the laser barrier and is equipped with a flash. Since it is digital, it will save pictures on a standard flash ram or memory stick (whatever). The flash RAM should not be located with the camera but rather it should be in some other central and safe location. The flash is intended to notify the trespasser that their picture has been taken and to possibly alert neighbors and you and your family of possible danger. Cameras can be fixed to the inside of windows to protect from the elements and allow easy battery change out (like a fire detector).
The purpose is to both scare away trespassers and to identify them for the police. I write this in response to the overwhelming danger to our children from sexual predators. The lasers on the windows could also sound an alarm. This product should be a stand alone set that ANYONE could buy at Wal-Mart or similar discount store.
It may also identify the dog that poops in the yard in the middle of the night.
Reward: I would be rewarded if it was made and people were safer. 

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Energy Efficient Home Printer Friendly Version
Every house has a fridge and a freezer and alot have air conditioners which are all basic heat exchangers (warm to cold or freezing) well there are now heat exchangers for heating homes (cold to warm) usually in-floor heating as well as hot water tanks, well I was thinking that a house should be built so that all forms of heat exchange are intergrated into one system
Reward: far less energy to run a house 

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Intelligent Fan Printer Friendly Version
Can you imagine, as you enter your house, tired from work, bathing sweat, and suddenly, a rush of wind blowing you as you sit down and rest? Until you found out later that your sweat is gone!
How about an electric fan that is capable of detecting incoming person and activate its powerful fan and can follow the direction of the target without moving its base. Then detects the temperature of that person and shuts off when the temperature is down.
Cool eh? :D

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