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Action Pizza! Printer Friendly Version
Did you ever find yourself sitting in front of the oven waiting for your food to be done? Watching the cheese on your pizza melt can lack the excitement you may find desirable, so introduce "Action Pizza!" - Action Pizza! combines the calories of your evening meal with the excitement of a table firework. The firework is launched by the heat of your oven, and provided that you stick to the temperature and cooking time recommended on the package, the whole program should be pretty predictable.
The only thing that needs to be solved is that the show shouldn't poison your food. Hm... does anyone know of edible firecrackers?
Reward: A freezer full of free Action Pizza! 

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Frozen Meat Slices Segregator Printer Friendly Version
I go to the grocery store and buy several pork steak or pork chops. So, I can cook one piece every day for my lunch meal at work. But when you store several slice meats in a freezer, every slice sticks together. You have to defrost the entire batch just to get one slice. My idea is to place in a plastic segregator like a binder that stores documents. This way you can take one slice of frozen meat without defrosting the entire batch

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nicholas anthony
Meal Cooking Machines Printer Friendly Version
One thing all humans need every day is food. Buying and then cooking your own food can take up several hours each day. What if we made a machine that cooked every meal for you and then automatically restocked itself? To save money, the machine would first be marketed to small neighborhoods or the rich. It would contain an assortment of meals as voted by its users. Though it would only cook one or two different foods each meal. At first these machines would create simple meals like pasta and hot dogs. When the machines become more complex they might cook chicken, soups, salads and breads. Automatic machines would restore each ingredient when it becomes low. It would do this by using the internet to place an order. The order could be processed by other machines that would restock the low ingredients. Some of the ingredients could be refrigerated or frozen to keep for a longer time. While the techology to make this system may be available, to actually create it would be hard.
Reward: Notify me if you make this system. Good luck! 

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