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Jeff Berg
Dry Hydrotherapy on the Go Printer Friendly Version
A while ago I was relaxing in a whirlpool and, while massaging my mussels and joints, I wondered what key components might be used in constructing a portable/wearable device that could simulate the same feeling as a jet stream. My list if items consisted of:
- small & durable motor w/ vibration and voltage control (smooth dimmer style preferred) with a single steel rotating shaft.
- battery and solar back up with plug-in adapter.
- heat control unit wired into the motor.
- One plastic ball deeply dimpled with round tips (maybe magnetic).
- light-weight plastic housing and comfortable harness with straps (Velcro).
- ball area cover material must be thin/strong, sterile, soft and warm i.e. (silk).
- user friendly.
Reward: A free device for myself. 

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Zachary Ybarra
Neon Lit SnowboardZ Printer Friendly Version
Neon lit snowboards. Hmmmmn! Hit the half-pipe slopes in a new futuristic style! Be a star burning in time during evening competition, practices or whenever you just wanna let it rip! What an idea! Got plenty more for sale! Comments: E-Mail Zachary Ybarra at mailto:joanny23@aol.com. Please show me some gratitude. Uhhh....... Please!
creativitypool.com ROCKS!
Reward: $20,000 and/or just warm comments he he! 

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 United Kingdom
Lifepods for land Printer Friendly Version
Given the recent devastation in the USA and before that following the Tsunami, I had the idea that we could make lifepods for use on land. Each unit could be airdropped in their hundreds as a package which would self inflate when operated. A transponder beacon would be set off when the unit is activated. The units would have the ability to be connected together (simply by velcro strips) and designed in a simple cube shape with a brightly coloured sloping roof, the colour would allow identification from a distance when a number of them had been connected the sloping roof would collect rainwater and condensate water for drinking.
Internally the "pods" would contain medical supplies and dried foodstuffs for 2 weeks and laptop style slim batteries which would be powered by solar panels supplied for rigging from the roof and slow release battery as used in wind up radios for additional emergency use. If a small cooker, heater, lamp and radio were included it would give people a chance to keep themselves safe, warm and fed for a number of days before the authorities could fully respond. In addition if survivors knew to head for these brightly coloured shelters aid could be concentrated in these areas.
Reward: a chance to work with someone developing this idea 

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