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Complete Home Time Reset Printer Friendly Version
Develop a device which will broadcast the correct time to all electronic devices in the home after a power outage and at Daylight Savings time changes. The receiving devices would include VCR's, DVR's, ovens, TV's, alarm clocks, coffee makers, pool pumps, spas, setback thermostats, sprinkler systems, burgler alarm systems, phone answering machine, etc. The source of the correct time could be a cheap GPS time receiver or a sattelite TV receiver. The broadcast medium would be wireless or the electric power cables.
Reward: Implementation of the idea. 

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More efficient, humane work schedule Printer Friendly Version
- 30 hour work week is standard. Jobs would offer both a 5AM to 11AM shift or a 1PM to 7PM shift. (Restaurants, bars would have different shifts.)
- Traffic on roads reduced as there are half the commuters on road at same time (except at lunch time).
- Families wouldn't need daycare. One worker in morning shift, other in evening.
- Go-getters, renaissance people can manage having two full-time jobs in completely different fields.
- Stores are open when you're not working.
- Greater worker efficiency, satisfaction (fewer hours, better work).
- Lunch can be enjoyed at home as family.
- Businesses are open for longer hours, making it easier to get things done, across multiple time zones.
- People can enjoy a good part of the daylight hours.
- Companies need less rental space for same job.
Reward: My choice of shifts. A holiday called Bluecube Day. 

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George Samuel Hodge
Programmed Shower Printer Friendly Version
I was just wondering if anyone has ever put out this kind of product. It involves a control panel in your shower rather than a hot and cold valve. The panel would be able to be used much like a thermostat in your home and would also include a timer, and water pressure. This could also include luxuries such as shower massage and things that can be found on nicer shower heads. This could also work the same way for a bath. I don't really know if something like this has been conjured up yet. For I know it could already be in stores and I just don't know about it. This would be something I would think would be rather expensive (probably about as expensive as a hot tub). I hope you haven't laughed too hard.
Reward: If something like this hasn't been made, and somebody decides to use my idea, then I'd like a free one. It'd also be cool to receive some credit for sparking the production. 

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