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Books on TV Printer Friendly Version
Have you ever laid in bed or on the couch and read a book? Im sure most of us have. Well, sometimes it's hard to get comfortable holding the book. Paperbacks keep wanting to close, and big books make your arms tired, etc. How about books on DVD. Pop it into the DVD player, and there it is. The written word on the T.V. sceen. All you have to do is lay back and read. You dont even need the lights on. It would have a page turning button on the remote (channel up/down), and also the page could be flipped sideways for reading horizontally.

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A Seperate Card To Store Credit/Debit Purchases On Printer Friendly Version
Have you ever forgotten to save a receipt from a card purchase and then you can't balance your check book? Rather than having online banking you could simplify this part of the process by having one card instead of ten to twenty web sites for each card, that can be swiped through right after your purchase card (Visa/Master Card) that would record all your amounts of your purchases and what they were (all the information). Then you swipe it at home on a home version of the store's computer and it all comes up with all the info for every card.
The small card swipping equipment could Plug and Play into simple software for reading and permanent storage on your home PC or Mac. Plus, now Tax laws make us save receipts for end of year taxes and we probably always will have to save them but, if we used this card and software then we could submit all the receipts all at once instead of 10 to twenty hours of paid work or a serious problem doing it yourself. An easy way to balance your check book weather it is online banking (the software could be compatible) or the paper kind and no hassle hanging onto to hundreds of pieces of paper in shoe boxes collecting all year long.
Reward: The look on my face when I see it being used! 

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Automotive Repair E-Books Printer Friendly Version
Simple, painless: Pay, and download. A supersite covering virtually every Make and Model, with a complete automotive repair E-book detailing the car as a rebuild... Much like the books you buy at the auto parts store. With books costing around 15-20 bux, one could easily charge $10 for E-books. There is nothing like this on the Internet today, even Chilton's Online only has these stupid interactive CD's you can order... Who cares, who wants to wait 2-4 weeks when the car is sitting in the driveway, broken? Keep it small, under 5 megs, hell, use Adobe format if you must. Trust me, and if you don't believe me, try and find, sometime, how to replace a throttle cable on a 1988 Thunderbird LX... You'll see what I mean, it's just not possible.
P.S.: Not for the feeble-minded, a site like this would take a *ton* of work.

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