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Idea against Aponea Printer Friendly Version
I have been diagnosed with a condition called sleep aponea meaning I snore badly and wake up my body many times during the night resulting in poor sleep patterns and constant tiredness. The traditional remedy is a process called CPAP where you sleep in a mask and air is forced down your throat to prevent your body thinking it's suffocating and unconsciously not resting, but as I live in the impoverished UK my local health service cannot afford to treat me, they also class it as an unimportant condition despite my doctor saying it could be fatal, read what you like into the UK's reputation for health provision, I would like to pay to have my treatment abroad but don't know how to process that part of it.
Anyways I have an idea of implanting metallic strips into my neck and then wearing a collar with magnets desined to attach to the strips to the same polarity so as to magnetically repel the strips when the throat constricts and prevent a blockage of the airway, therefore keeping the airway open and preventing aponea. Any ENT surgeons out there interested inusing me as a guinea pig?
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Automated self service eye exam Printer Friendly Version
They have machines that do your blood pressure for free, so why not a machine that is for people who have trouble seeing and buy over the counter glasses? Yes, you can go to the eyeglass place and get a free eye exam, but then you have to pay outrages prices for frames. Why can't they have a machine that people can go up to and do a short eye test to see what strength of over the counter glasses they need?
The reason I thought of this is because my husband wears prescription glasses and we can't afford to get another pair right now and medicaid only pays for 1 pair every 5 years for adults. We are not sure what strength of glasses he needs and it would be neat if we could go into a lets say Walmart and he could do a short eye test and get a 5 dollar pair of glasses. This could benefit kids and adults who are rough on glasses and do not want an expensive pair of glasses.

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Community Centers Printer Friendly Version
There could be more public community centers in America that people could visit just to exist with other people. These community centers could be open 24/7 to accomodate people of all sleep schedules. Especially as we become more dependent on technology, and spend most of our time sitting in front of a screen, why do we have to sit isolated in our own homes to do it?
In college, I spent most of my time in such wifi enabled common areas, and quite enjoyed it. The most similar thing we have to that right now that I see are coffee shops. these are nice, but it is a requirement to buy a drink in order to sit there, and seating is usually limited. There are also public libraries, but they tend to be dirty, and talking isn't allowed. Obviously, a big challenge would be in keeping the place from being decimated by random miscreants, and keeping it open even though it doesn't offer a product or service. Perhaps the supervisors could charge a small admittance fee, and could be free to remove from the premises any people who destroy the property.
Reward: A more connected community. 

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