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Food Musicmatch Database Printer Friendly Version
I guess we all know that French Camembert goes well with red wine - but what kind of music should you play alongside? While Heavy Metal may be the wrong choice, Vivaldi could work better - but if you're not in the mood for classical music, what are your alternatives?
It should be easy to add this feature to the existing music databases on the internet. When you pop your CD into the computer's player, it usually tells you which album you're listening to and what's the latest on the band, so why not add some culinary info as well? Of course the possibility to do a reverse lookup would be even more important!
Reward: Being able to use this service for free (if it's not free in the first place) 

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Cell phone home phone interface Printer Friendly Version
I would like to see a charging cradle for my cell phone that would interface my cell phone with several cordless phones. I could get rid of my land based phone and still have the conveneince of answering and placing calls from cordless phones placed around my house. Even better would be a charging cradle that would accept more than one cell phone and give a distinctive ring so we would know which calls are on my line and which are on another family member's line.
Reward: Getting this product for free and free cell service for life, of course 

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Acceleration Light Printer Friendly Version
When you are stuck in traffic, brake lights on the car in front of you only tell half of the story.
How often have you accelerated to catch up with the car in front of you only to have to slam on brakes because the car in front of you was not accelerating but getting ready to brake. whew! close call.
Well, if you are paying attention, there shouldn't need to be a reason for close calls.
This simple innovation of just adding a "green" colored light on the back of cars to indicate when the car was accelerating would let traffic flow more like a train. There would be less congestion and less accidents. Everyone could essentially accelerate, coast, and brake simultaneously which would basically eliminate the traffic phenomenon, "shockwave".
Implementing the idea into production now would mean only some cars would have this light. NO problem. That just means you have to be extra careful around cars without the light just like you are now.
Reward: some time of recognition (like a plaque)for my idea from the person that actually gets this patented, for service to mankind and safety. 

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