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Modular Computer Printer Friendly Version
The idea is to do away with having to change mother boards etc., by creating modular components that can be stacked much like on a hi-fi system. For example storage (hopefully solid state not hard disk) would be a separate unit. Modules would be joined together much like a stack of lego. Each module would comply with a standard interface connection. The operating system would be completely parallel, thus any number of CPUs could be stacked and the work load would be shared according to each processor's power etc. If you are bill gates, you are not entitled to use this idea - lol
Reward: Tallest stack system that can fit under my roof and a job in your company 

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Off-peak energy storage Printer Friendly Version
Take advantage of excess electrical production capacity during night-time hours by equipping homes and businesses with large battery systems. This approach has been suggested for electrical cars where the disadvantage is the size of the battery system, but this would be much less of an issue for homes and businesses. Power companies would need to provide a cost incentive to encourage the use of these and the energy storage mode would be best controlled remotely by centralized operation at the power company to optimize efficiency. Current battery technology could be implemented easily. Having these energy storage devices would likely encourage individual consumers to add solar-voltaic or wind energy collection technology to work with the storage system.
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