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Anti RoboCall Phone Printer Friendly Version
I hate getting robocalls from telemarketers. I wish someone would build an answering machine that won't ring the phone if the caller is not listed in your address book.
You would enter the names and phone numbers of all your friends and relatives (well, most of them). Then the device would check the caller ID with the phone numbers in the list. If the caller is on the list, the phone would ring normally. If the caller is not on the list, the phone would not ring at all. Instead, it would take a message. It would be a bonus if the device would also display a list of all the phone numbers received that were not in your address book. That way, you could quickly scan them and delete them instead of listening to each one.

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Digital Bookmark Printer Friendly Version
Fed up with losing your place in a book? The Digital Bookmark tracks the movement of a page. Simply enter in the page number where the book starts (usually 1, but sometimes not) and for each page turn, the digital bookmark increments.
It attaches to the book either via a velcro band or clipped to the top of the book and never loses its place.
Drop the book and keep your place! Get interrupted but come back to where you were!
Reward: Recognition and at least 1 for free. 

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Choose your path/ interactive history book Printer Friendly Version
Always loved the "Choose your own adventure" books. Very much fiction but I thought it would be great to have a book with the same format but your decisions/choices would be ones that our world leaders are currently faced with, were faced with and the book would lead you to a path that was exactly what had happened or something totally different as a result of not choosing the choices that actually were made from these power figures.
Or if you chose a different path what may have happened as a result?
Think about it. What if Hitler was shot, what if the bomb was not dropped on Hiroshima, what if Abe Lincoln had not signed the Emancipation Procalamation?, what if a decision made resulting in the South winning the War?
Would the world come to an end? Would there be a different world power, what if Castor was succesfully killed during the Bay of pigs invasion? etc. etc. This could be applied to so many world (past and present) decision making points that could really have changed or will change our way of life.
Reward: Not sure but would love to read them 

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