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Train Cars Printer Friendly Version
It seams obvious that the most serious traffic accidents happen at the highest speeds. The idea set forth in this post can be modified for town driving, with increased technology, but I figure I will list what can happen “today” on the highways and freeways.
I have commuted for many years in bumper to bumper traffic. Usually 1.5-2 hours a day. I often wondered if there is an apparatus that can be connected to the back and front frames of cars so that they can connect and disconnect like a train.
The basic idea is that you would save fuel and traffic accidents by having every third car running at a much higher gear, at a much lower RPM, and the other cars would essentially be “off” or in neutral.
All the breaks would be matched together through the hardwired connection that allows the cars to connect and disengage.
This would mean it would have to be 3 lane highways, one lane (far left lane in North America) that would be at 150km/hour, then a middle lane to slip stream down/up, then an exit lane.
Drivers would enter their destination into a telecommunications computer in the car, pull into “slip stream up” then the car would send out a signal detecting the “group” it would join (if traffic wasn’t bumper to bumper, otherwise a break in the group would allow for automated connection). The user then would get a signal for an “auto engage”, and the car would pull into the fastest lane, and connect to the other cars.
0 distance between cars, allowing for more traffic on the roads, and increased speeds because all breaks work in unison. The strongest engines are noted and used, and the drivers get an automated deposit in their account for added gas / wear and tear costs.
Big trucks, most can do this, the ones that cannot get up to speed are designated onto a different route of 80-90km/hr – and the money saved from accidents and environmental costs of running the cars is used to offset “side road” improvements to allow for this.
Either you can use the technology that is being developed today (I have seen shows that talk about magnetic strips being used, but this does not allow for combined breaking nor lower gas consumption) so single cars can be to control the lead cars, or hire professional drivers to drive every day and to report any misuses, abuses, or problems on the road. The inbetween cars can lay back, relax or read on the way to school/work. A warning comes on before engaging and disengaging to notify drivers.
Reward: Recognition, and the ability to read on the way to school/work when this is created! 

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Multi-Function Computers Printer Friendly Version
Set it to turn on and activate a voice command recognition software to wake you up and you can delay the sleep alarm by voice command. Plays your favorite song or clip to wake you. Tunes you into radio or TV. Reminds you verbally of school or appoitments. A fully interactive voice command back and forth with artificial intelligence. Prints out daily schedule and lists your tasks printed out daily automatically. It asks until you wake up. An alarm clock with a brain and a schedule. A verbal command of you of all of the days tasks until you have free time. Simple software with that extra bit of importance!
Reward: Even just turning on at a set time would do! 

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Portable "guitar" Printer Friendly Version
I've been thinking about this for some time. The potential is quite good but never the less I would like feedback about it. Here goes: i myself play the guitar and I feel the urge every once and a while to just take it out and play but those times come when I'm on a subway train or at school. The idea I plan is for a glove like device with maybe some kind of sensor on the finger tips which allows you to simulate plucking strings on one hand and fingering chords or individual strings on the other. A small device which controls the sound and sensors could possibly attach to a belt or backpack. Of course headphones should be used. It could be considered air guitar, but with sound. As a way to produce the sound the way your fingers touch your palm or are positioned in your hand could be an option. Though it may be considered cumbersome research could reduce the size and still be able to play effectively. Critisizm is much appreciated.
Reward: get a free product 

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