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Handling loud music at night Printer Friendly Version
I read about people complaining about neighbours that take music to a high level, or car that passes at night and disturbs the neighborhood with its boom boom woofers.
There is a way to handle this problem and it's in using the new technologies provided. By linking every sound system in a city by a gprs connection, volume off sound sytems can be controlled and a law can prevent users of sound systems of increasing the volume so the volume can be locked to a certain max at night, and there would not be any way to take it higher. And at day a higher volume is permitted .
In the case of a party the owner of the sound system must get a permission with the approval of neighbors or a certain fee he has to pay for them, so he can increase the sound system for max. volume for only one night or a few hours.
Reward: leave my stereo without the gprs controlling device. 

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Scott Kollodge
Wireless Music Pencil Printer Friendly Version
I know that lots of people would like to listen to music during class in a very secret, efficient way. I know how it can be done.
All you need is a MP3 player, Mini Disc player, CD player or any audio device with a stereo/headphone jack. There is a small antenna that plugs into your audio device's stereo/headphone jack. You also get a specially designed pencil which has a built-in receiver and speaker at the end. So what happens is you turn on your audio device and the music is sent from the antenna and picked up by the receiver in the pencil and you hear the music from the pencil. The pencil will look almost exactly like the PhD pencils. To get the eraser, you pull on the small speaker and a cartridge about 2 inches long comes out with an eraser on the other end. When the speaker is out, it twists to turn it on/off and for volume control. The range of the antenna should reach around 6 feet.
I think this would be really sweet invention because you could just put your head on your hand with the pencil tip by your ear and you could listen to music during class or anytime since there aren't any wires to deal with.
Reward: A free antenna with pencil so i can listen to tunes during class. 

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Wireless audio plugs Printer Friendly Version
If you are a student like me that likes to listen the music in class or even in other places without having to use those big bulky headphones and getting tangled up in those anonoying wires then my idea is to invent a headphone that is simply placed in your ear and is wireless. I my opinion I think this idea will sell greatly, especially to students.

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