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Musical Gloves Printer Friendly Version
This idea is about gloves that have delicate sensors attached and that will translate the movements of your fingers and hands into music.
A lot of people actually tap along with their fingers when they hear music - now they can actually play music the same way. The synthesizer could emulate all kinds of instruments, but the most obvious use would be percussion: Ten fingers representing ten drums and snares, with the speed and extension of the fingers representing different ways to hit them.
As a special, you could also use the gloves in conductor mode, where you can add you personal touch to an already pre-arranged piece of music: This could either be used to learn the art of conducting, or simply for fun.
Reward: A pair of musical gloves. 

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Stereo Undistorted Hearing Aid Head Phones Printer Friendly Version
If you can't hear well or hardly at all then placing a set of head phones over hearing aids doesn't work. Either you can't understand it at all or you hear nothing but distortion and definitely not quality stereo. If we made hearing aides that had wires (or wireless transmission) to directly plug into all audio equipment then the hearing impaired could have a great full stereo sound and quality for their hearing enjoyment. Since you can't simply place head phones over hearing aids then you could have the hearing aid plugged directly into your audio for optimal sound quality. There is a big difference between ear buds for people with good hearing and the special shape and settings of hearing aides that go deep into the ear directly contacting their ear drums in order for them to hear at all. Imagine trying to use head phones and hearing aides? They just don't match. They distort each other, and the settings for both are completely different. Combining the direct connection from the hearing aid to the stereo audio sound of any device (music, books on CD, DVDs, computers, any audio, etc.) gives them an equal chance at enjoying experiences with quality audio from their audio devices that simply can't be avoided in any one's life!
Reward: To see that no one with a disability is ever left out! 

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Portable "guitar" Printer Friendly Version
I've been thinking about this for some time. The potential is quite good but never the less I would like feedback about it. Here goes: i myself play the guitar and I feel the urge every once and a while to just take it out and play but those times come when I'm on a subway train or at school. The idea I plan is for a glove like device with maybe some kind of sensor on the finger tips which allows you to simulate plucking strings on one hand and fingering chords or individual strings on the other. A small device which controls the sound and sensors could possibly attach to a belt or backpack. Of course headphones should be used. It could be considered air guitar, but with sound. As a way to produce the sound the way your fingers touch your palm or are positioned in your hand could be an option. Though it may be considered cumbersome research could reduce the size and still be able to play effectively. Critisizm is much appreciated.
Reward: get a free product 

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