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Alarm clocks that will sell Printer Friendly Version
Version 1:
There should be voice recorder in it, in which we (or our family members) will record a message before going to sleep of to why we were supposed to wake up at that time. It is required because I often decide to wake up in the morning to do something but it doesn’t strike me as I switch alarm off and go back to the sweet sleep which has an amazing command over my thoughts and action at that time.
Version 2:
How about having a water ( or a substitute ) spray which will fire at our face from all sides just after 5 minutes of alarm ringing, I bet that the memory of getting wet will hit our subconscious mind (just as it does at time of a calamity of the dangers) and we would be wide awake.
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Bed sheet clips Printer Friendly Version
Someone needs to make clips that can be attached to the board under a mattress. Then on the bedsheet, there should be small rings attached to the outer edge that can be hooked on the clips, so the sheets don't come undone at night and have to be retucked in EVERY morning. This would give me an extra 5 minutes of sleep every morning.
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Self Making Bed Printer Friendly Version
This is much harder to explain in words than it is to imagine in my head but I'll do my best to get my idea into words. Basically the pillows will be zipped to the bed so that you can move them if you'd like and attach them manually but other than that you won't have to worry about the pillows in making the bed. Then the blankets and sheets and whatever other blankets you may have on your bed will have a string inside the three sides closest to the wall and it will then continue outside of the blanket to 2 strings going into the wall that will then attach together inside the wall and finally come out of the wall directly in the middle of whre the two entered thew wall. Basically you will pull this string that is coming out of the wall and voila the sheets and blankets are puuld up and over your pillows neatly in one fell swoop!
I know that I would love to have this instead of walking back and forth to each bed side making the blanket perfect and blahblahblah. Any decorative pillows on top of the bed are up to you to put on though! Let me know how this sounds, I inow it is very hard to understand and picture but try your hardest! I'll try drawing out a diagram and see if i can post it up somewhere!
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