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Couch-Chair-bed Combination Printer Friendly Version
A couch-chair that has both the qualities of a couch and a chair. Instead of a flimsy recliner, where it holds up your feet on a lift, you have a total feeling of comfort, where the whole unit is one connected piece and goes from the floor to your body and feet, insuring that it will never break and you can jump in and out of it at will. You would still have arms on the chair, but never have to worry about bringing up the foot rest. It is all ready there. When you add an extra long solid foot rest than you get a couch-chair-bed, that you can sleep in at any time for one person snuggly. The point is, you would never have to buy another chair because this one does it all and never breaks. It works to do everything any other piece of furniture does, but takes up less space and you can arrange them around the room like a sorrounding couch, only better.
Why not buy four, or one for each person. A great gift and very comfortable. The whole couch-chair-bed just looks like a long arm chair and is atractive in all rooms. You can add all the recliner features to the back and lay flat and/or have a wall hugger unit.
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Hot water snake Printer Friendly Version
I hate draughts round the edge of my quilt but I hate being folded in tightly with blankets. My idea is a long thin hot water bottle that can be velcroed onto the underside of the quilt all the way round the edge. Holds down the edges of the quilt so no draughts and it warms you at the same time. Probably best if it wasn't quite at the edge but a little way in so it doesn't fall off and drag the quilt down. Or it could be velcroed to the sheet as well.
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Premanufactured Indoor Blanket Tent Printer Friendly Version
Imagine all your child's dreams coming true with the indoor blanket tent. You could use it too, for a cozy night. It could come in your choice of fabrics and fabric designs and be made of blankets or comforters. It would have a regular, hard, plastic tent structure to hold it together and you could get rid of all those chairs and old blankets you used to build the tents out of. You could zip it up and even include a sleeping bag design into it and built in stuffed animals that would detach for added comfort. It would stay warm and dark and you could read scary stories with a book light or flash light like all kids dream of. Or add an overhead night light.
This idea comes from my past and I was never able to build a proper tent from a common blanket and now, you don't even need to try. Just get a blanket/comforter tent for yourself and you're all set. If your children wont sleep in bed(s) then this is the best alternative. They could have all their own privacy and feel really grown up and have adventures without leaving the house or even leaving their rooms.
Many children have wild imaginations and love to think they are somewhere else unsupervised and if they can feel that way in safety then you and your children are all happier. I think we need adult sizes too, because I think I want one too! How about you? You can add all the extra features of todays outdoor tents into this indoor version as well like, mosquito netting, mesh roofs, or anything special to make them and you feel grown up. Add that jungle theme music or watch your portable DVD with your favorite movie or cartoon and the kids will be busy for days. You wont see them until they graduate high school or college!
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