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petros pavlopoulos
Working at the company Printer Friendly Version
I imagine a company that it's job would be to improve the productivity of the employes of large companies, by using sound, image and perfums in the offices.
In every office there will be some small speakers that would play soft sounds in low volume such as classical music, sounds of the natures, rivers, sea, trees etc. It would be better to have different music in every office. The images would be on the desktop of their computers and they would appear images of nature and anchient goods or photos from history. The image would appear softly at the beginning and in specific time zones, never in specific times, so to be as unexpected as possible.
The perfumes that would smell in specific time zones the office (room) would be such as mud, trees, flowers etc. The important thing in smells and images is to be unexpected in time and in way.
All this is hapening to make everybody realize that the company that has this system is really interesting of their employees and has a good social profile. This system will make the job (in the company which uses it) an expirience, an expirience that worths to try, so many people would like to work there not giving many attention to other things (salary, future etc.) but to the quality environment.
Reward: An airplane ticket to visit the company that will use it. 

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An Inventors Manufacturing Plant Printer Friendly Version
This would be a manufacturing plant where they manufacture custom ideas. For example, a customer wants to invent something but doesn't have the funds to start making and testing their product. They go here with their invention and build plans, and this manufacturing plant basically manufactures the idea, and patents it for the customers for a fixed fee. They then allow the customer to profit from their invention on the market, and pay this manufacturing plant to build their product for them. Kind of ironic in a sense...
Reward: If I invent something, I would like a manufacturing discount on my products. 

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Green Gym Equipment Printer Friendly Version
ON New Year's Eve I saw a program that took energy from stationary bikes and used it to power the ball drop in Times Square. What is someone used that same concept to power a gym? This could be used on treadmills, spin cycles, stationary bikes, row machines, and eliptical machines. It would be nice to have the device built into the equipment but people will not be willing to purchase new equipment up front, so it would need to be some type of enhancement that could be added to an existing machine until they could afford new equipment. The floors on most gyms are rubber if they needed to be grounded to something. I am not a product designer so couldn't suggest what it should look like or where to be placed on the equipment, but thought it would be wonderful for gyms to be able to create their own power or depending on were they are located, power for other area's. Gyms are located everywhere, in workplaces, free-standing buildings, apartment buildings, hospitals, and regular/strip malls. How great would that be to save money and be green.
Reward: To be recognized 

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