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Buy & Sell Waiting Time Printer Friendly Version
Time is money, but for different individuals it has a different value. Bill Gates for example (or a busy manager) will lose hundreds of dollars in the doctor's waiting room or while he is standing in a long queue at the supermarket, while a student's time is much cheaper.
My idea is that you should be able to buy / sell your waiting time. If you're in a hurry and don't want to lose valuable time, you should be able to buy time in situations that would otherwise be time-consuming. Selling their time would also be an interesting source of income for people who are not so well off.
Of course, some (central) agency would probably have to coordinate this.
Reward: A certain amount of free bonus time at my disposal. 

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Preprogrammed Card for Fast Food Drive Thru Printer Friendly Version
They should have a convenience swiping card for fast food drive thrus.
Most of the time when I eat out, I usually order the same items. Sometime it's hard to communicate with the teller through the fast food intercom. Maybe because of kids, your sick, noisy cars, or people, or weather.
At a kiosk inside the store one could preprogram their card with their favorite choices. Then in the future you could just swipe it at the drive thru. This would also ensure that your order was entered correctly every time.
It would be faster, more accurate, just plain convenient.
Also, they could make the card into an optional and convenient key chain type swiper.

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FIX IT Subscription Service Printer Friendly Version
Most folk who use computers, correct me if I am wrong, don't care a jot how they work, they just want them to work. But the manuals are very complicated and long-winded the info. Goes on and on. YAWN. My local computer firms charge call-out fees, even for fixing problems they've already supposed to have fixed, then an hourly rate + parts and VAT. And then they'll keep me waiting sometimes for 2 weeks before they turn up. I have to make about 6 calls to get them here. Horrendous. And when they've gone, I later find out the problem could have been fixed in a few seconds had I known how to do it. Rip-off! SCREAM...
I would prefer to pay a reasonable annual subscription to a FIX IT firm with whom I can communicate quickly so my technical problems are solved FAST. Maybe an on-line FIX IT company, who can enter my computer to fix it on-line?
Reward: Peace of mind. No hassle. Save money and time. 

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