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Transfer of Videos & Files to Apple Device Printer Friendly Version
Imagaine an Apple TV-sized device (maybe a bit thinner).
On the front there is a thin slip for a cd/dvd; below that are 2 usb slots and to the right of that are SD card openings. There is no screen.
This device can be connected through a USB cable to any Apple device - MacBook Air, iPod Touch, iPhone, and the iPad to name the important ones.
This device has its own built-in processor (the equivelant of the Apple A5 processor), a gigabyte of RAM, and a built-in hard drive from the iPod classic that is 160 gb.
Alone, this device accomplishes nothing, but the "iProduct" of your choice controls it through an app. The app can be used to take songs off the cd and store it on the hard drive. It will also add the songs to your library on the "iProduct" - same goes for pictures, videos, and other files.
The device contains its own built-in battery, but uses minimal power because there is no screen. The app displays everything. This device, when paired with an iPad, would make the regular MacBooks useless.
Reward: Please make it and give me one. I'd use it all the time. 

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SmartFlash (Wireless Flashdrive) Printer Friendly Version
It is time consuming trying to download pictures or data onto a regular flashdrive because you have to plug the flashdrive into a computer and then begin the download process. Why not have a smart flashdrive that will wirelessly download information from a computer or another SmartFlash?
This would enable you and others to send information such as pictures or PDFs to a SmartFlash at anytime from anywhere. It would be great for security because you are sending data to a flashdrive in your pocket for your eyes only.
Reward: Better and faster communication. 

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Height-Adjustable Laptop Screens Printer Friendly Version
I think a lot of people will agree with me that spending a lot of time in front of a laptop can be a real pain in the neck. Literally!
They have the swivel screen, but why don't they have the adjustable height screen? Being able to adjust the screen height, each person can adjust it to their comfort level. This will make everyone pain free and, more importantly, more productive.
Better technology is shifting us from bulky PC's to mobile laptops, but why do we have to keep lugging along huge monitors too? I love my new extra wide laptop screen, but why can't I adjust it? The simplest solution: make the laptop screens height-adjustable and forget the swivel.
Reward: Good karma, comfortable computing, and peace on earth, of course! 

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