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Using multiple cores in PC's Printer Friendly Version
Up till now, the operating systems in PCs use only the first core in the multicore CPUs. If you pull up the resource monitor in windows, you will see that the second core is only engaged when the first core reaches 100% usage. My idea is to have software developed that would tag each process in a program with an assigned core, assign it a range of memory to use and syncronize the output of the steams in the memory controller with clocking flags -- so that for instance voice and video would be produced at the correct time -- The main idea is to distibute the load of the program over ALL of the available cores simultaneously.
Reward: Increased speed and productivity, lower latency, decreased user wait times 

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Transparent Laptop Foil Printer Friendly Version
Recently I've been sitting under a tree with my laptop, and afterwards the screen had dozens of tiny, sticky drops on it that were hard to clean off. My idea is for cheap, disposable laptop foils that are transparent and can be put on the laptop's screen and keyboard as a temporary protection. Of course they shouldn't hinder functionality or visibility of the screen.
Reward: Free laptop foils 

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Decimal Computers or Not Binary Computers Printer Friendly Version
In today's world computers use the binary system to interpret data and instructions. These are translated by compilers and programs as sequences of 0's and 1's according to agreed codes, and in this form the computer handles them, meaning 1's a pulse of electricity and 0's a lack of it (in fact a pulse with much lower voltage). With the technology available at the time of major development of computers, I can understand that they just could make a difference between 0's and 1's by then, but nowadays electronic devices are finer and more accurate and I'm sure they can discern and create flows of different voltages of electricity.
My idea would be a computer that instead of binary system, uses the decimal system, by manipulating the data in the decimal system. Maybe this is a bit too difficult to achieve, since there must be some reason why no one sells one of these already (I guess I'm not the only one to think of it). So another possibility could be using other base but 2. Probably is a matter of reliability, because electronic components tend to age, or maybe is a matter of programming convenience (you must change your whole mindset for programming one of these). But I'm sure than any higher system (base 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...) would render faster computers.

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