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Computer in a vacuum Printer Friendly Version
A major issue in computers is sound. Many people want to minimise the constant humming of their computer fans and hard disk. If a whole computer could somehow be put into a vacuum then this would eliminate the need for a fan (as there would be no temperature in the case as it would be in a vacuum) and also any noise should not be heard in the case as noise cannot travel through a vacuum. I admit that there would be issues when people want to open their p.c. to upgrade or if there was a faulty seal in the computer but I am sure these problems could be looked into.
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Dummy terminals return Printer Friendly Version
Remember those old dummy terminals back in the days... (if you're old enough) well I bet they will come back one day when someone steals this idea.
Ok what's a dummy terminal? In a nutshell, it used to be basically a monitor and keyboard hooked up to a network of some kind. Usually there was a text based screen where the user can interact. Most or all of the processing was done on a central computer.
So my idea is that 1 day, we all invest into dummy terminals but this time with wireless. All you need is 1 big giant super computer here and there and wireless connection everywhere. When someone upgrades the super computer... POW you got a new pc almost.
But why do it? Handhelds would not need a high end cpu and could do wonders, your pc would be much cheaper, viruses would less likely do as much damage since only super computers would need updates not 100,000,000 home pcs.
I imagine their could be other uses.
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Revised Keyboard Printer Friendly Version
Did you know that standard letters on a keyboard are not set up to make it easier to type but the opposite. They were arranged early in the 1900's to make it the hardest to use for a specific odd reason and that has never changed?
If we arrange the letters around and place the letters used most (for instance) at the easiest point to type them then we would have a better and faster keyboard. I say we go a step further and rearrange the entire keyboard (not just letters) and add extra enter buttons, space bars etc. in different areas making multiple spots for the easiest places to hit the keys when and where appropriate. Also, I would like to not have to program all the function keys to do different things but combine certain used combinations of keys into one key, like one key for Control/Alt/Delete and other commands. The faster we can work the more gets done!
Reward: To make typing easier... 

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