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Anthony Woodhead
 United Kingdom
Child protection location device Printer Friendly Version
During the last few months there has been a rush of child abductions in the U.K. Most of these cases conclude in quite tragic circumstances. A case this week in Cambridge, which involved two ten-year-old friends, led me to the following idea.
The police didn’t pursue a case of abduction until three days had passed. By this time the children could be anywhere.
I don't want to be seen as profiteering on these tragedies nor do I wish to use scare tactics in advertising, but the truth is technology is available today that, with a little adapting, can save a lot of time and lives and in some cases prevent this sort of thing happening altogether.
Allot of us have cars with GPS location or tracking. There are even battery powered personal location devices available on the market. Pets are fitted with id chips, criminals are tagged, and yet the most precious commodity that the human race can produce is left to fend for itself. There is a global market of children who need to be protected, and we can do something about it.
What would it take to develop these devices for the protection of our children?

Please contact me for further information.

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Semi portable Notebook Printer Friendly Version
Hi, here in Argentina, good laptop computers are uncommonly expensive and impossible to buy. My concept is simple. Make this technology accessible to a large number of people by removing all the expensive parts from the notebook.
For example: the screen. No I’m not joking. So, the tiny screen cost a lot? Remove it. I would gladly use any TV screen as a replacement. Like playstation. I know is not as mobile as one regular notebook, an it doesn’t look as good, but is better than pc. I could move it from place to place, take it to other places, other houses, everybody has TV. All I want is a powerful processor and a decent hdd. It could have a wireless keyboard or one long retractable tv cable.
Sorry for the lousy English, I think is a great idea anyway.
Reward: Nothing 

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MH SuperThins, a new breed of monitor Printer Friendly Version
A conventional computer plays lasers over dots of phosporus chemicals on the inner surface of the monitor screen to form pictures (basically). what if you used a grid pattern of wires like on a circuit board, and had electrically responsive phospors, then the screen coud be almost as thin as a page in a book.
Reward: A new computer. 

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