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Static Electric Battery Recharger Printer Friendly Version
What this recharger does is collect static electricity, from the air, 24 hours a day and would charge your devices when you plug them in. The air inside your house contains tons of static to begin with. Why else would we have products that remove it from our clothes. Using materials that are very sensitive to static, it would constantly build a stronger and stronger charge then it would convert this to standard electricity and charge your battery or batteries with a Universal plug in to all devices thus, providing free electricity forever to your batteries since all batteries in today's devices contain very little electricity and use very little as well. The converter is not hard to build since electricity is all basically the same. You can easily build it with a balloon on your hair or with feathers or cetain fabrics and there are materials that react to static that would be more feasable to use.
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Bill L. Winder
Electronic LED Music Displayer Printer Friendly Version
I used to play a violin in a school orchestra for several years, and I am an amateur piano player. By far the most frustrating thing I've encountered as a musician is, you have to turn pages in the middle of playing a song. This can be very inconvenient and interruptive of the music's flow, especially if you lose your place and have to re-adjust the music's position, page number, etc.
My idea is, why not invent an LED display that has a foot pedal and that displays entire pieces of music, one page at a time? The foot pedal would turn the electronic "page" for you, eliminating the need to stop playing temporarily to turn the page. Orchestras would greatly benefit from this sort of thing.
I think it's an idea whose time has come. Turning electronic pages with a foot pedal is so much more convenient than turning them by hand.
Reward: Used Technics SX-KN700 musical keyboard. 

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 South Korea
Length-Adjustable Power & Other Lines Printer Friendly Version
I am neither a terribly neat person nor a person suffering from mysophobia, yet I would love to clean up the mess behind the multi-media section in my home where I had put my television, stereo, play station, video plyer, cable box, and some other appliances such as telephone. So naturally, behind all these would be a jungle of "needlessly" long cables.
Presently, I had tied the cables into groups which helped a little in solving the problem. It would be really helpful if the cables were the RIGHT length or make wireless appliances, which I believe is on the way. However, in the mean time, why not make the power cables and other interconnecting cables adjustable. One way would be to have the cables coil up hidden within a aplliance so you could pull out the exact length of cable. This would be useful when re-locating your furniture, too.
Also consider making the cables bendable, I mean have some kind of wire withing the cable to make them take a certain shape. Then, it would be possible to have the cables running tightly along the corners and edges without using tapes or other untidy things.
Home appliances are evolving day by day in the technical sense. Length adjustable cables can be achieved without highly advanced technology. Please make them for me. Thanks.

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