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Sean Turvey
Rapidly Degrading Paper Items Printer Friendly Version
Driving down highways, you will see a lot of litter. Much of it is fast food packaging or other disposable paper. Education does not seem to be the answer, as we have been told not to litter for years - yet, it still piles up. More meals are being eaten on the road or sidewalk, as our lives become faster. What I believe we need is a paper that degrades quickly when exposed to the sun's UV rays.
It would seem that the addition of titanium dioxide in its anatase form to the pulp would break down the organic compounds into a powder. The speed of the degradation would probably be controlled by the amount of TiO2 added. To keep the photocatalyst reaction from starting too soon, the items would have to be kept out of direct sunlight.
It would not have to be a full breakdown of the item, just enough to produce tiny holes, as paper seems to degrade from the edges of the piece to the centre. This basic idea is being used to make self cleaning windows and buildings.
- Take out food packaging
- Bus or event tickets
- Flyers & pamphlets
- Disposable diapers
- ATM receipts
- Cigarette butts & packages
- Women's hygene products
- Condoms

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Trap wind for turbines Printer Friendly Version
I was reading how in certain places if two tall buildings are built close together they trap wind and send it rushing through the passage between them.
My idea is not to build turbines between skyscrapers as is often suggested but to build structures outside cities whose sole purpose is to trap wind and send it rushing through a narrow passage in which there are numerous turbines. The turbines can be built into the structure so only the actual turbine bit sticks out.
Given how much the turbines cost these structures could be built relatively cheaply out of concrete or maybe even plastic or wood on a metal frame.(i'm thinking flat plastic panels)
Unless i am wrong this should increase the output of each turbine dramatically.
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Citywide geothermal heat pumps Printer Friendly Version
The most efficient means of heating a house is by using geothermal heat pumps. Check the link below:
The air going into your house runs through an underground tube, and becomes warmer. I.E. less energy required to get the air warmer. Heat pumps are kind of expensive to build, and it takes about 5 years for the energy savings to pay for the initial cost. Most people move within 5 years so the incentive isn't there to install them. City lots are mostly too small for geothermal heat pumps, so city governments should automatically install them under streets just like sewers. Homeowners would just plug into the common heat exchanger, and heating/cooling costs/energy use would decrease dramatically.
Reward: I'd like a city to name a park Bluecube Park. 

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