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PoliStats Printer Friendly Version
PoliStats works in much the same way as football game statistics. Whenever you're watching a football game they are able to pull up amazing statistics about each player, each team, how many times a team has lost in their home arena during a given month. The stats are amazing. Why not have statistics and facts pulled up during political debates--how a candidate actually voted previous to the bologna that he's currently spouting, what their charitable donations are, what organizations or corporations donated to their campaign, which lobbyists they associate with etc. This would give the viewing public a much clearer picture of who the candidate actually is, rather than relying soley on the lies they are spewing at the moment to gain votes. This would also give the commentators much more interesting lines of commentary.
Reward: better information before voting, trapping candidates in lies and obfuscation, better representation of facts and figures. 

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Sea Bass
Presidential Soldier Printer Friendly Version
Ok here's my idea. Whenever there is a war declared. The President/Prime Minister/Dictator/King/Whatever you have, has to go and fight in the front lines of the war. During this period of time the Vice President/Whatever will take over the duties of leader of the nation. I believe that this would force our authorities to give diplomacy much more of a chance instead of letting their military might do the talking.

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Stig Bakke's brother Stig
Renaming rights Printer Friendly Version
After beating the snot out of each other one day, Stig and I discussed ways of bringing lasting peace to the world. Military deterrents? Forget it. Economic sanctions? Punchless. Public ridicule? Now you're talking...
Simply add the following amendment to the UN charter:
Should any nation declare war on any other nation, the declared upon nation has the right to officially rename the declaring nation; use of this new name shall be binding for all UN members.
Would any nation ever declare war again if it risked becoming permanently known as Suckerland? Would India even dream of declaring war on its neighbor if India would then be called South Pakistan? Plenty of potential here...
Reward: World peace. Plus a condo in the South of Briechewerland... 

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