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NAPS Printer Friendly Version
How many times have we walked into a public restroom and there's no sign of soap or a soap dispenser? Even if there is soap, chances are it is coated with germs.
My solution is simple, yet effective. I call it NAPS. NAPS is a small napkin no bigger than a gum wrapper. Just add water and it disolves into safe, germ-free soap.
Keeping handsoap in your pocket creates an unsightly bulge. It looks lame and no one wants to carry it around. NAPS is the way to go. The package is smaller than a pack of gum and can fit anywhere without being a bother. It is made from a plastic-type material, much like that used to package babywipes.
There is no mess and no bottle because everything disolves just like soap, except the soap is in the napkin. As soon as it comes in contact with water or sweat it will be gone. Naps is the way to go if you want something quick fast and convinient.
This idea can go either way: NAPS can be developed into a hand sanitizer, a mosquito repelent, a sunscreen lotion, a light scented perfume or a cologne.

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David Harris
 United Kingdom
Helping Hands Printer Friendly Version
A simple low tech aid for the elderly or infirm, particularly those who may suffer from a motor neuron disorder or ailment which prevents the individual from achieving a secure grip. By wearing a light weight glove with a loop fabric palm and finger covering, which will facilitate the lifting and securing of cups, plated, implements and other items which have had attached hook Velcro pads. This idea works a treat.
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Sreekumar Sivaramakrishna
 United Arab Emirates
Tracking your life Printer Friendly Version
A service provider can come up with this idea. The person is wearing a watch/device, that monitors his heart beats. The device is also a GPRS, which correctly specifies his location at any point of time. If the person subscribes to this service, his life is guaranteed to be in safe hands. The service provider has got branches all over the world. The service provider could club with the Medical Institutions / other service providers for any help a client will require at any point of time. The help he requires could be when he's had a heart attack or is in a desperate situation @ some wee hours. The device beeps an SOS to the monitoring station, and be it any place, anywhere in the world, and you don't have your loved ones and friends and relatives around. The service provider takes complete care of the client. I think it's a good idea for people who walk alone. And we help them continue in their journey to walk alone.
Reward: just tell all its my idea, thats it. 

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