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Sticker Printer Friendly Version
A sticker, with a clock print. 1-12, with a plastic needle that can be turned. This way, one could stick it on medicine packets and turn it each time one takes their medicine and remind of the excact time it's been taken. It helps, to get reminded when to take it next.

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Idea against Aponea Printer Friendly Version
I have been diagnosed with a condition called sleep aponea meaning I snore badly and wake up my body many times during the night resulting in poor sleep patterns and constant tiredness. The traditional remedy is a process called CPAP where you sleep in a mask and air is forced down your throat to prevent your body thinking it's suffocating and unconsciously not resting, but as I live in the impoverished UK my local health service cannot afford to treat me, they also class it as an unimportant condition despite my doctor saying it could be fatal, read what you like into the UK's reputation for health provision, I would like to pay to have my treatment abroad but don't know how to process that part of it.
Anyways I have an idea of implanting metallic strips into my neck and then wearing a collar with magnets desined to attach to the strips to the same polarity so as to magnetically repel the strips when the throat constricts and prevent a blockage of the airway, therefore keeping the airway open and preventing aponea. Any ENT surgeons out there interested inusing me as a guinea pig?
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Cellphone Cardiac Care Printer Friendly Version
Certain people have a cardiac condition, which can lead to what is called 'sudden death'. If they are administered a proper sequence of electrical pulses to their heart through electrodes they survive.
Research is currently on in US to provide some kind of tele-medical help to those diagnosed as susceptible to such episodes. They carry a computer and modem as well as a device that monitors their heart rhythm. Whenever an abnormality is detected, the computer alerts the individual, who links up with a phone line. The comp dials the doctor's office, feeds the ECG details into the base comp. The base comp then sends back through the phone line approprate sequence of corrective pulses, which are processed by the patient's comp and fed to the heart through the connected electrodes. The patient then has time to reach the hospital for full care.
The suggestion made now is to make this more automatic. Cell phones now have powerful processors. They also have wireless connectivity. The patient's monitor can directly link with the base comp through the cell phone and go through the sequence without any intervention from the patient. If a geo positioning system is in place the cell phone can also call for an ambulance giving the position of the patient.
If this is feasible for cardiology, why not extend to other situations like strokes?
All required technology exists.
Reward: Less sudden deaths 

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