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Programmed Muscle Movement Printer Friendly Version
Map the human body by collecting electronic impluses of muscle contractions during daily movements. (the suit design similar to the animations industry use on live models to record movement for animated characters created in the computer/movie industry) Assign each lead with # or note, record the impulse firing sequences. A parapalegic should be able to wear a wired body suit powered by a small device that delivers the electronic stimulus to muscles that are programmed into an mp3 or ipod. There would be stored sequences for each activity; such as walk straight ahead, veer right, sit down etc. Most of our movements have counter muscle movements needed for balance, this would fire multiple muscle groups in the natural order. Change your direction, change the song!
Reward: Have someone in Animation animate a Real Human Body! 

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Talking Toothbrush for Kids Printer Friendly Version
How to prevent tooth decay? Learn how to brush your teeth! How often have I tried to teach my kids how to brush their filthy little fangs, and do they do it? I despair! Will they let me brush their teeth? No! SCREAM! I want to buy a toothbrush that talks in a fun way, that teaches them... possibly by singing a little jingly tune... Front teeth top, front teeth bottom, back teeth right top... up down, up down, (not side-ways) the tune/instructions lasts for 2 minutes.
The brush itself could glo in the dark, be shaped like Scooby- whatever! Just help my kids to get ALL their teeth brushed, especially at the gum line. If battery-powered, please include 4 inter-changeable heads! I can never find the right heads to buy for novelty brushes that cost a fortune but only last a few weeks before their brush gets all misshaped.
Reward: Kids wont suffer from tooth ache... Just let me know the idea is being taken up! 

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Slip Cover for Cigarette Filters Printer Friendly Version
Slip covers for cigarettes that are not the usual tip or attachment. No inconvienient, long tip that the cigarrete can fall out of or lessen the strength of the cigarette smoke. It does not filter the cigarette but, rather it is a slip cover that has a tapered end and is reusuable to keep the smell and stains off your fingers and covers the entire filter.
Basically it is a plastic tube which stays on the cigarrette making smoking the same experience and does not change anything but the protection of your fingers. Since the tip is tapered it would fit all cigarettes from fat to skinny cigarettes. Staining of the fingers smells, is hard to remove, and may cause other problems like possible acne when you rub your face with nicotine not to mention unattractive to others.
Today's attachments are dangerous when the cigarette falls out and they are made to filter out the strength and flavor or amount of the cigarette smoke. My product allows confortable, normal smoking without any of those problems.
Reward: Credit 

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