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Doccer (or Scoring) Machine Printer Friendly Version
I work at Round Table Pizza and I think we're the only Round Table that delivers personal pizzas to schools almost every day. We have to roll and cut out hundreds of school pizzas a day. The and one of the most annoying parts of that is doccing (sp?) the dough before cutting the little pizzas out. I remember when I first started working there that hand-held doccers REALLY hurt my wrists with that repeatitive motion. So why not create a doccer (scoring) machine? The machine would look kinda like the doll rolling machine we have today, except it would have doccer points instead of rollers to doc the dough as it goes through the machine.
Reward: For my reward, I would like my name (Monique) on the machine and I'll be happy. Thanks 

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Recycling paper as alternative to charcoal Printer Friendly Version
Paper comes from wood and charcoal is derived from wood. My idea is to recycle used papers, such as newspapers and old documents, to become an alternative for charcoal. The procedure would be to soak several used papers in water for some time. Then compact them using hands or other means to reasonable sizes. Then let them dry. You can now use them as an alternative for charcoal. It may function differently than charcoal but it will work.

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All-In-One Kitchen Appliance Remote Temperature Gauge Printer Friendly Version
A microwave, freezer, oven, stove, Etc. Microwave safe, heat resistant, and could even go into your wood burning fire place. You simply hold the remote in your hand to read the Temperature safely at a distance and the tool itself Pokes into the food. You could program all of them to one remote and keep the remote magnatized on your refrigerator to tell you when all of your cooking is being prepared at the right time to coordinate cooking times on multiple food items and sounds an alarm when done cooking where ever they may be. This is the key, hardest part to learn and teach about proper meal preperation and could be used to help teach cooking at Culinary Schools World Wide. Even Bakery Schools! Yummmm!
A porcelin material would be heat resistant and would not disturb the microwave.
Reward: Beats the Old Tool! 

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