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Portable solar umbrella Printer Friendly Version
Having recently spent a bunch of time in some of the world's hottest deserts, I wonder why no one has marketed a portable solar umbrella hooked up to a drinks cooler, or small cooling fan, or one of them electric cooling collar contraptions. Googling for 'solar umbrella' points to large unwieldy umbrellas good for patios and backyards - hardly convenient for hauling around.
Making these should be a no-brainer. You'd have to fix flexible solar panels on top of a folding umbrella, and run a wire through the handle. I bet somebody with a low cost production facility already making umbrellas could easily adopt this and do a pilot batch. You'd start by marketing in the Sky Magazine and the like, hopefully, it catches on to start mass production.
Reward: I'd personally test one of these in the Atacama Desert in Chile next July (a week long 250km ultra run). 

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Bug Catcher Printer Friendly Version
A simple clear, plastic cup that has a clear (STICKY) inner surface so that we can see and catch bugs of all kinds especially spiders for indoor or outdoor use. We need to trap them cheaply without the mess of squishing them which can cause permanent staining whereever they are. Disposable bug catcher that can be thrown away rather than making a mess on surfaces or on your hands right before you attempt to eat or use your hands for reasons you need them clean for. There are many sticky bug catchers I have researched but, a simple clear plastic (STICKY) cup makes catching them clean, effective, and keeps the grossness out of it. In many countries there are tons of bugs that we need out of our lives due to the danger of them being near us so, with varying sizes of cups we can get those wasps (for example) out of our houses without endangerimg ourselves to stings or bites of any kind. If you use a fly swatter to kill them they usually end up just madder and then they attack you. A safe way to rid yourself of bugs you needn't touch. You just place the cup over the bug and when it tries to escape and can't get out of the bottom they will quickly climb or fly onto the sticky surface. No mess and no danger!
Reward: A supply since I live under trees! 

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Harpoon the Drowners Printer Friendly Version
Lifeguard stations should be equipped with a harpoon-type gun that can be used to shoot a wide, circular raft (about 20 feet in diameter) beyond someone who's drowning. The raft would inflate on impact and could be pulled back in towards the victim using an electric reel attached to the harpoon gun. Since they make life preservers now with straps on them that can enclose any limb a person can stick through them, the raft should also come equipped with these straps. This would also let a second swimmer be rescued at the same time - perhaps someone who'd tried to rescue the first victim and wound up in trouble themselves.
Reward: None required. 

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