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Tubbs Mc Gee
The Chameleon Egg Cooker Printer Friendly Version
Don't tell me you don't know the oldest family problem of the 20th century! Mom wants her breakfast egg soft, almost raw, Dad wants his egg as close to a stone as possible - rock-hard. And you, well, like every normal person, would like yours somewhere in the middle. 20th century egg-cookers do not provide this comfort: Either you'd have to breakfast at different times or you'd have to do it the old-fashioned unreliable way with the chance of cracking a shell or two in the hot-water boiling-pot. The ultimate solution is - the "Chameleon (Egg) Cooker"!
This very practical device looks almost like a normal, genuine egg-cooker. Only, that the lid has different sections that can be lifted individually to place and remove up to six eggs on demand. A timer adapted to an individual egg-sensor would register each egg and the individual client's cooking desires. All the eggs would start cooking at the same time. The cooker would then play a special, adjustable mummy-melody when mom can take out her egg. Then you would hear Guns'n'Roses or so when yours is done. And finally daddy's little rock would respond to Beethoven's second. - Voila!
In the first improvement phase ("Chameleon Cooker II") one might find a way to place all eggs at the same time and start cooking them at different times so that all the eggs would be ready for breakfast simultaneously.
Reward: Get me one of those wonderful machines!!! 

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Frank Jones
MF-Standard for Hamburgers Printer Friendly Version
Have you ever wondered if you get your money's worth out of a hamburger purchase? We all know that choosing the right burger is a tough decision nowadays: Some burgers are flatter than others, some may have several stories, and once in a while they even come with vegetables inside! So how should you know if a burger is really better than its counter-product? Well, that's what I invented the Mouth Full-Standard for: The MF-Test will answer the question by telling you how many bites it takes me to eat a hamburger when I really concentrate (the burger, of course). That way, you can compare ALL hamburgers and base your decision on real facts.
Already tested: Cheeseburger (Burger King) MF 1.7
Double-Cheeseburger (McDonalds) MF 2.0
Bic Mac (McDonalds) MF 2.8
Reward: Invite me to your restaurant, and I'll standardize your burgers for you! 

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Benny the Book
 United Kingdom
Bet Trading Printer Friendly Version
Mr. R. Leinwather's suggestion that (sports) betting is similar to stock trading gave me this idea: long-term bets with online betting services (not the same as going out to the books yerself, but oh well) should be able to be bought, sold and traded between patrons.
Say you've bet on Celtic to win the cup at 2 1/2 to one, and a month later, the odds have improved to 2 to one following the elimination of several other teams. You should then have the option of selling your stake to somebody else for slightly more than you invested. You would then gain a small (but safe) profit, and the other person would be able to buy into better odds than they would otherwise receive.

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